10 Million Download Campaign is a mini-event launched for the game's 10 Million Download on March 12, 2013.

By voting for familiars, players could choose which familiars would be added to the game. Some of these familiars were introduced in Celebration Pacts

Introduced Familiar

For every 1,000 likes or 100 shares the post gets on Facebook, they'll give away one of these epic familiars to a lucky player. After the campaign 35 players received an Iron Golem II.

The mentioned stats are for fully evolved familiars (EP**), PE.

Introduced Familiar
Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Iron Golem II Figure Iron Golem Figure
Iron Golem II Mad Swing 16,228 13,065 17,268 9,317 8,298


Vol 1

March 8, 2013
COMMENT, LIKE, or SHARE to vote for your favorite new familiar in Blood Brothers!

  • Leave a COMMENT to vote for familiar A
  • LIKE this post to vote for familiar B
  • SHARE this post to vote for familiar C

Check out the image below and vote for your favorite familiar. The winner will be added to the game AND you will have a chance to win it as well! So, which familiar do you like the best? VOTE!

Result: Winner B Iron Golem

10 Million Download Campaign Vote Vol 1

Vol 2

March 19, 2013
As part of their ongoing celebration of 10 million downloads, the Blood Brothers team wants you to choose the next familiar that makes an appearance in game.

Vote 'A' by leaving a comment, for 'B' by liking this post, or for 'C' by sharing it.

Details about the winning familiar will be shared once your voice is heard. Voting ends tomorrow at 12pm PT!

UPDATE: It looks like "B" is the overwhelming winner. Look for details on this familiar in the coming days!

Result: Winner B Hollofernyiges

10 Million Download Campaign Vote Vol 2

Vol 3

March 25, 2013
10 Million Campaign, Round 3!

Vote for one of three popular familiars from past event rewards that you'd like to see in your deck.

The familiar with the most votes will make a return in pacts and other upcoming specials. Cast your vote and be heard!

  • Leave a COMMENT to vote for familiar A
  • LIKE this post to vote for familiar B
  • SHARE this post to vote for familiar C

Result: Winner B Grim Reaper

10 Million Download Campaign Vote Vol 3

Daily Login Bonus

During the Event, the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Table below incomplete

Day Bonus March 13 till March 31
Day 1 ?
Day ? ?
Day ? ?
Day ? Iron Golem

Other Images

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