15 Million Download Campaign is a mini-event launched for the game's 15 Million Download on June 4, 2013.

By sending push notifications to their allies, players are able to collect Copper-DL Coins, Silver-DL Coins and Gold-DL Coins, to be used in Celebration Pacts.

Introduced Familiar

For every 5000 likes the Blood Brothers page gets on Facebook, the higher her ATK stat will be. Additionally 30 people will get 1 Melanippe, Wolfrider for sharing on Facebook.

The mentioned stats are for fully evolved familiars (L**), PE.

Introduced Familiar
Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Melanippe, Wolfrider II Figure Melanippe, Wolfrider Figure
Melanippe, Wolfrider II Warrior's Wrath 15,589 16,250 13,379 11,299 14,582

Push Notifications

On the main screen, click the info box, then go to 15 Million Campaign!. On that screen scroll down there should be a red tab that says "Details" with the DL coin description above it - click that. Scroll down and you get 5 messages to send to your allies.

Number of messages Rewards
Each Message Copper-DL Coin x1
Each 15 Messages Silver-DL Coin x1
Each 100 Messages Gold-DL Coin x1

4 Coffers

Coffer 1

Invite a friend on Facebook to open Coffer 1 and receive a Scarlet Coin. Also 1,000 players will be picked and receive an Iron Golem.

Note: The rules for Coffer 1 have been changed. It is not sufficient to just invite a friend - he has to get to level 10 in order to open the Coffer.

Coffer 2

Your friend downloads Blood Brothers and connects to Facebook. Rewards: Silver-DL Coin x5, Shade x3

Coffer 3

Your friend completes the tutorial and reaches level 10. Rewards: Silver-DL Coin x15, Shade x5

Coffer 4

Your friend logs in 3 days in a row and reaches level 20. Rewards: Silver-DL Coin x15, Mandrake x1

Daily Login Bonus

During the Event, the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Day Bonus Part 1: June 13 till June 20
Day 1 Elixir x2 15 Million Campaign Daily Login Bonus
Day 2 Event Silver Coins x10
Day 3 Bugles x3
Day 4 Mandrake x1
Day 5 Lucia, Stitcher Witch
Day Bonus Part 2: June 21 till June 28
Day 1 Elixir x2 Screenshot 2013-06-22-09-22-44
Day 2 Silver Coins x10
Day 3 Bugles x3
Day 4 Mandrake x1
Day 5 Lucia, Stitcher Witch

Other Images

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