25 Million Download Festival is a mini-event launched for the game's 25 Million Download on March 7, 2015.

Phase 1 - Liking

Players can "like" the featured familiar - Steamwork Wyvern - until March 8, 2015. The more likes the familiar gets, the more stats it will have in its final form. Every like is awarded with Loyalty Coin Loyalty Coin x1.

Likes Statboost
1~5,000 each stat increases 200 points 25Million Download Festival Vote Campaign
5,001~10,000 each stat increases 300 more points
over 10,000 each stat increases 500 more points

Phase 2 - Appreciation in Blood

Each player that has reached level 170 by March 25, 2015 (furthermore known as Blood Lord) will recieve the following gifts by March 28, 2015:

Phase 3 - Login Bonus

During the Event, the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Day Bonus March 12th till March 27th
Day 1 Mandrake Leaf 25Million Download Festival Login Bonus
Day 2 Heartsblood (Bloodbound)
Day 3 Loyalty Coin
Day 4 Bugle x3
Day 5 Beastheart Shard x3
Day 6 Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound)
Day 7 Mandrake Leaf x3

Phase 4 - Loyalty Pact

Loyalty Pact Announcement

Loyalty Pact is only valid until March, 31 2015 3:00 am (PT)

  • To celebrate achieving 25 Million downloads, we have opened this Universal pact for all players to draw from! Quickly get your Loyalty Coins and start drawing!
  • (There are a limited number of presents. A present already drawn by one player will not be available to another.)
  • Loyalty Coins can be obtained through the 25 Million Festival Gifts, the Special Dungeons 33, the God of Steel event as well as by being a "Blood Lord"!
  • Claim special familiars from the Loyalty Pact using Loyalty Coins during the event before its too late!
  • Every Unclaimed Loyalty Coin will be exchanged for 1 Silver Coin after the above time.

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