3rd Anniversary Pact are pacts, introduced as part of 3rd Anniversary Celebration on May 2, 2015.


To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Blood Brothers, we have opened this Universal pact for all players to draw from! Quickly get your 3rd Anniversary Coin 3rd Anniversary Coins and start drawing!

3rd Anniversary Coins can be obtained through the Raidboss Event, The God of Steel event, the Special Dungeon and the World Battle Tournament during May! Every Unclaimed Anniversary Coin will be exchanged for 1 Silver Coin.


Name Amount
Arcanan Hermit Figure Arcanan Hermit Rarity.Legendary 3
Jabberwock, Phantom Dragon Figure Jabberwock, Phantom Dragon Rarity.Legendary 5
Galatea, Nereid Figure Galatea, Nereid Rarity.Legendary 5
Paladin of Gemini Figure Paladin of Gemini Rarity.Epic 8
Paladin of Taurus Figure Paladin of Taurus Rarity.Epic 8
Hatshepsut, Mummy Queen Figure Hatshepsut, Mummy Queen Rarity.Epic 10
Jack o' Frost Figure Jack o' Frost Rarity.Epic 10
Gryla, the Lullaby Figure Gryla, the Lullaby Rarity.Epic 8
Gjallarhorn Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) 20,000
AGI Crystal AGI Crystal *3 25,000
Mandrake Mandrake (Bloodbound) 20,000
Truesight Amulet Truesight Amulet 5,000
Mandrake Leaf Mandrake Leaf 90,000
Bugle Bugle *2 50,000
HP Crystal HP Crystal *3 25,000
ATK Crystal ATK Crystal *3 25,000
DEF Crystal DEF Crystal *3 25,000
WIS Crystal WIS Crystal *3 25,000
Heartsblood Heartsblood (Bloodbound) 20,000
Total 330,057

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