90 Days Login Bonus is an mini-event launched on August 16, 2014.

The event involves a login bonus during which players will receive various gifts. This Login Bonus does not replace the older New Player Login Bonus, but is meant to run alongside it.

These logins do not have to be consecutive, but the login count only increases when you login.

Featured Familiar

The mentioned stats are for fully evolved familiars (L**), PE.

Introduced Familiar
Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Wyrm Warden, Everwakeful II Figure Wyrm Warden, Everwakeful Figure
Wyrm Warden, Everwakeful II Purging Flame 18,850 16,954 17,723 10,476 11,245

Daily Login Bonus

During the Event, the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Day Reward
1 Cat Sith Snow Sorcerer BB Summer 90 Days
2 10,000 Gold
3 Silver Coin x5
4 Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1
5 Cat Sith Snow Sorcerer
6 Bugle x1
7 Mandrake Leaf x1
8 Elixir x1
9 Silver Coin x5
10 Iron Golem
11 Bugle x2
12 Mandrake Leaf x2
13 Elixir x2
14 HP Crystal x1
15 ATK Crystal x1
16 DEF Crystal x1
17 WIS Crystal x1
18 AGI Crystal x1
19 Blood Seal x1
20 Ushabti
21 Bugle x2
22 Mandrake Leaf x2
23 Elixir x2
24 HP Crystal x1
25 ATK Crystal x1
26 DEF Crystal x1
27 WIS Crystal x1
28 AGI Crystal x1
29 Blood Seal x1
30 Phantom Assassin
31 Gjallarhorn x1
32 Mandrake x1
33 Elixir x2
34 HP Crystal x1
35 ATK Crystal x1
36 DEF Crystal x1
37 WIS Crystal x1
38 AGI Crystal x1
39 Blood Seal x1
40 Lucia, Stitcher Witch
41 Bugle x2
42 Mandrake Leaf x2
43 Elixir x2
44 HP Crystal x1
45 ATK Crystal x1
46 DEF Crystal x1
47 WIS Crystal x1
48 AGI Crystal x1
49 Blood Seal x1
50 Scarlet Coin x1
51 Bugle x2
52 Mandrake Leaf x2
53 Elixir x2
54 HP Crystal x1
55 ATK Crystal x1
56 DEF Crystal x1
57 WIS Crystal x1
58 AGI Crystal x1
59 Blood Seal x1
60 Wyrm Warden, Everwakeful
61 Gjallarhorn x2
62 Mandrake x2
63 Elixir x2
64 HP Crystal x1
65 ATK Crystal x1
66 DEF Crystal x1
67 WIS Crystal x1
68 AGI Crystal x1
69 Blood Seal x1
70 Lucia, Stitcher Witch
71 Bugle x2
72 Mandrake Leaf x2
73 Elixir x2
74 HP Crystal x1
75 ATK Crystal x1
76 DEF Crystal x1
77 WIS Crystal x1
78 AGI Crystal x1
79 Blood Seal x1
80 Scarlet Coin x1
81 Bugle x2
82 Mandrake Leaf x2
83 Elixir x2
84 HP Crystal x1
85 ATK Crystal x1
86 DEF Crystal x1
87 WIS Crystal x1
88 AGI Crystal x1
89 Blood Seal x1
90 Wyrm Warden, Everwakeful

Other Images

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