This page will show the use of 3 seperate templates to create an area page. The information used to fill the parameters is sometimes false, and sometimes random. This is just an example area page.
Using the {{Infobox Area|<...>}}, {{Area|<...>}}, and the {{Zone|<...>}} templates with the parameters below, you can achieve a fully styled and customizable Area page.
Sample Use
The following code...
{{Infobox Area
| name       = Darkwood Forest <!-- defaults to pagename -->
| image      = File:Image_-_Darkwood_Forest.png <!-- defaults to placeholder -->
| imagewidth = 245 <!-- defaults to 245 -->]
| flavor_text = A dangerous woodland known as a den of thieves. <!-- defaults to No Flavor Text Added -->
| area_name = Darkwood Forest <!-- Defaults to Page Name -->
| region = West Midlands
| number_of_zones = 1
|zone_number = 2
|map_file = CC.Z1.Map.png
|zone_details = This is some key information about this zone. It includes a boss battle! BLAH BLAH
|familiar1 = Stone Golem
|familiar2 = Unicorn
|familiar3 = Heavy Warrior
|familiar4 = 
|familiar5 = 
|familiar6 = 
|familiar7 = 
|familiar8 = 
|familiar9 = 
|familiar10 = 

Will result in the following page...

Darkwood Forest is an area within the West Midlands region and contains 1 zones.

Zone 2
Stone Golem Figure Stone Golem
Unicorn Figure Unicorn
Heavy Warrior Figure Heavy Warrior

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