BBMenu Armory
The Armory is used to handle your Warlord's gear.
  • Collect gear by taking part in events.
    • Two pieces of the same gear (same name) may have base stats that differ from each other.
  • Upgrade your gear using new resources:
    • Pyre Ingots (For Lv2 up to Lv 7 upgrades) - Pyre Ingots are used to upgrade lower level gear. Pyre Ingots may be found in the Shop or obtained by selling lower level gear.
    • Fire Gems (For Lv8 up to Lv 15 upgrades) - Fire Gems are used to upgrade higher level gear. Fire Gems may be found in the Shop or obtained by selling lower level gear and as point and ranking rewards in events.
    • Each upgrade adds 1-7% of the gear's current stats. You can try the same upgrade multiple times to maximize your gain.
  • Selling Gear
    • Gear may be sold at the Armory for resources and Gold.
    • Obtain gear and sell it for resource to upgrade gear.

For more gear information, please see the Gear page.

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