Arnashia is the world in which Blood Brothers is set. It is comprised of eleven regions with different races calling each region home. Each region is further divided into areas, and further divided into zones.

The Regions

Below you will find some information about each of the regions of Arnashia, listed in the order you encounter them during the story of Blood Brothers.

West Midlands

Darkwood Forest LogoDarkwood Forest Managarmr smallThe Dread Tundra -
Raid Boss Event Location
The Band of Blood LogoThe Band of Blood -
Raid Boss Event Location
Chestnut Grove LogoChestnut Grove Djinn smallThe Blood-starved Sands -
Raid Boss Event Location
Serpents and Thunder LogoSerpents and Thunder -
Raid Boss Event Location
Bone Meadow LogoBone Meadow Queen small Fields of the Beast -
Raid Boss Event Location
Demons of the Simoon Logo Demons of the Simoon -
Raid Boss Event Location
Blackhill LogoBlackhill Montu sm War God's Challenge -
Raid Boss Event Location
DeathfromtheSkieslogo Death from the Skies -
Raid Boss Event Location
Lake Vandassia LogoLake Vandassia The Labyrinth Games LogoThe Labyrinth Games II -
Raid Boss Event Location
Tower Coin Special Dungeons -
Event Location
Wbc wings World Battle Coliseum -
WBC Event Location

West Lowlands

Ubo Abo Bog LogoUbo Abo Bog The Blighted Jungle LogoThe Blight Jungle -
Raid Boss Event Location
Zam Bam Jungle LogoZam Bam Jungle World Battle Coliseum 2 -
WBC Event Location
Zuo'O LogoZuo'O
Fort Gad Rad LogoFort Gad Rad

West Underworld

Infernal Vale LogoInfernal Vale Magma smallMagma Mine Deeps -
Raid Boss Event Location
Abyss Gate LogoAbyss Gate
Ghost Mines LogoGhost Mines
Firstforge LogoFirstforge
Hellfire Gorge LogoHellfire Gorge
Bilgen LogoBilgen
Steamhalls LogoSteamhalls
Clockwork Destiny LogoClockwork Destiny

East Underworld

Gadju Station LogoGadju Station Crystal Caverns SRB Logo The Crystal Caverns  -
Raid Boss Event Location
Stoolworks LogoStoolworks Hunt in Darkness SRB Logo Hunt in Darkness -
Raid Boss Event Location
Puzappa Outskirts LogoPuzappa Outskirts The Keepers Logo The Keepers -
Raid Boss Event Location
Puzappa Underfast LogoPuzappa Underfast Fields of Flame LogoFields of Flame -
Raid Boss Event Location
Zeroben Cages LogoZeroben Cages Angels of Desire LogoAngels of Desire -
Raid Boss Event Location
Lake Gotep LogoLake Gotep
The Great Temple LogoThe Great Temple
The Giants' Stair LogoThe Giants' Stair

East Lowlands

East Lowlands
Yutara Fens LogoYutara Fens
Torveau Ruins LogoTorveau Ruins
Fleshflower Field LogoFleshflower Field
Guivre Swamp LogoGuivre Swamp
The Fern Sea LogoThe Fern Sea
Gates of Gala LogoGates of Gala
Heart of Gala LogoHeart of Gala
The Dragon Pits LogoThe Dragon Pits

East Midlands

East Midlands
Skylark Village LogoSkylark Village Desert Jewels LogoDesert Jewels -
Raid Boss Event Location
Mantra Falls LogoMantra Falls Ogre smallThe Ogrewood -
Raid Boss Event Location
Kaguya Forest LogoKaguya Forest The Stolen Sun Logo The Stolen Sun -
Raid Boss Event Location
The Sakura Garden LogoThe Sakura Gardens Isle of the Ogres LogoIsle of the Ogres -
Raid Boss Event Location
Shi-en Castle LogoShi-en Castle
Shi-en Castle Sanctum LogoShi-en Castle Sanctum
Ancient Cloister LogoAncient Cloister
Twilight Knoll LogoTwilight Knoll

East Highlands

East Highlands
Everdark Forest LogoEverdark Forest The Thunderpeak LogoThe Thunderpeak -
Raid Boss Event Location
Desolate Plains LogoDesolate Plains
Ruins of Oblivion LogoRuins of Oblivion
The Wailing Temple LogoThe Wailing Temple
Artifact Graveyard LogoArtifact Graveyard
Snowdust Streams LogoSnowdust Streams
Millenial Wall LogoMillenial Wall
Darklander Camp LogoDarklander Camp

West Highlands

West Highlands
Highlander Camp LogoHighlander Camp Feast of the Giants LogoFeast of the Giants -
Raid Boss Event Location
Porosk LogoPorosk
Mythik LogoMythik
Palace of the Wind LogoPalace of the Wind
Cloudsweep Heights LogoCloudsweep Heights
The Howling Cave LogoThe Howling Cave
Windtorn Wilds LogoWindtorn Wilds
Glostre Ruins LogoGlostre Ruins


The Vestibule LogoThe Vestibule
Acheron LogoAcheron
Limbo LogoLimbo
The Lustful LogoThe Lustful
The Gluttonous LogoThe Gluttonous
The Avaricious LogoThe Avaricious
The Wrathful LogoThe Wrathful
Styx LogoStyx

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