Black Friday Pact are pacts, introduced on November 26, 2014


You only need to draw once from each Tier to advance to the next.

Table below is incomplete

Tier Pact number Base rate Price Bonus
1 1 - 50 MobaCoin Present x1
2 ? ? ? MobaCoin Present x1
3 ? ? ? MobaCoin Present x1
4 ? ? ? MobaCoin Present x1
? ? ? ? MobaCoin ?
? ? ? ? MobaCoin ?
? ? ? ? MobaCoin ?

Featured Familiars

Featured familiars include Legendaries, Epics and Rares that can be evolved.

Featured familiars are available at their lowest evolution form (L, EP* and R*) only. The mentioned stats are for fully evolved familiars (L**, EP** and EP****), PE.

Featured Familiars
Image Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Jabberwock, Phantom Dragon II Figure Jabberwock, Phantom Dragon Figure
Jabberwock, Phantom Dragon II Scales of Tranquility
Withering Flame
13,444 15,643 12,458 18,958 17,474
Pegasus Knight II Figure Pegasus Knight Figure
Pegasus Knight II Black Phantasm
Demon Spear
14,701 18,482 14,820 12,523 17,496
Hel, Goddess of Death II Figure Hel, Goddess of Death Figure
Hel, Goddess of Death II Dark Rush
Midnight Smile
14,159 16,900 14,159 15,221 17,507
Special Revived Familiars
Ankou, Harbinger of Death II Figure Ankou, Harbinger of Death Figure
Paladin of Aquarius II Figure Paladin of Aquarius Figure
Gryla, the Lullaby II Figure Gryla, the Lullaby Figure
Paladin of Virgo II Figure Paladin of Virgo Figure

Other Featured Familiars
Hippocamp II Figure Hippocamp Figure
Amphisbaena II Figure Amphisbaena Figure
Phantasmal Succubus II Figure Phantasmal Succubus Figure
Saizo, Phantom Ninja II Figure Saizo, Phantom Ninja Figure
Kekro, Demiwyrm Magus II Figure Kekro, Demiwyrm Magus Figure
Freyr, God of the Harvest II Figure Freyr, God of the Harvest Figure
Niu Mo Wang II Figure Niu Mo Wang Figure
Canhel, Guardian Dragon II Figure Canhel, Guardian Dragon Figure
Cursebone Pterosaur II Figure Cursebone Pterosaur Figure


Table below incomplete


Gjallarhorn x1


Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1

Blood Seal

Blood Seal x1

It is possible to obtain the same present more than once.

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