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    Jjjx3314 wrote:WTF! No! They have got to be complete idiots to close down Blood Brothers! It's way better than the sequel! Fuck, man! I j... 



    Those who like A card-collecting games might wanna check out DeNAs latest effort: DeckStorm. It has many things done right with DeNAs experie... 

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    Nomadwsu here.... I've been playing Magic the Gathering (match 3) and loving it. Responsive people, interesting game play, but it's not BB. W... 



    Nomadwsu By the I get nothing for you checking it out. Just thought I'd check in with my BB. 

  • discussion page Can't log into game.
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    I'm having the same issue as well 



    Even though it's been like 2 years after this thread ended. It says that it needs a data connection or something. 

  • discussion page !!!
    comment by Nairod98


    I MISS YOU MAN.Hope all's well. 



    Look who it is, my favourite Canadian :) Things are going smoothly, how is it for you? 

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