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Recently Added Familiars
February 1

Aso, the Asura Figure Momoso, Pheasant Tamer II Figure Onra, Ogre Lord II Figure Onra, Ogre of Darkness II Figure Onra, Ogre Imperator Figure

January 30

Kibitsuhiko, Ogre Slayer II Figure Macaca, the Headlong II Figure

January 27

Jason, Fallen Hero II Figure

January 25

Intrepid Hand of Venus Figure Sir Oliver, the Golden Sword II Figure Eros, the Golden Arrow II Figure

Rarity.Common Rarity.Uncommon Rarity.Rare Rarity.Epic Rarity.Legendary Rarity.Mythic
Golden Lance Figure Golden Lance - Black Brute Figure Black Brute - Red Samurai Figure Red Samurai - White Knight Figure White Knight
Purple Knife Figure Purple Knife - Blue Beard Figure Blue Beard - Grey Mage Figure Grey Mage - Green Healer Figure Green Healer
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Ma-Gu the Enlightened II
Ma-Gu the Enlightened II Figure
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