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The road to power is paved with blood...

A dark fantasy RPG with a simple, yet deep, combat system.
The tale of a hero turned vampire, who must bind familiars in a pact of blood in order to exact vengeance on an empire grown corrupt.
Choose one of eight heroes--knight, samurai, high elf, dark elf, ape, lizardman, dwarf, or goblin--to lead your party to victory!
Thrill to PvP battles, limited time special dungeons, and devastating event raid bosses!

Explore the endless world of Blood Brothers.
  — Blood Brothers Official Website 


Platform: iOS & Android
Publisher: DeNA Co., LTD
Genre: Arcade & Action
Android Release: May 01, 2012
iOS Release: August 27, 2012
Price: Free
Key Features:

  • Raise fallen heroes from their graves!
  • Customize your party to gain a strategic edge!
  • Bond familiars together in dark rites!
  • Evolve familiars to boost their strength!
  • Traverse villages, castles, dungeons, and more!
  • Wield skills from archery to sorcery, lightning to fire!
  • New characters and areas in free updates!


Blood Brothers on Mobage!00:29

Blood Brothers on Mobage!

-Details taken from the {{#NewWindowLink: Brothers Website}}

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