Blood Brothers Wiki Chat is supposed to be made for users to interact, trade, and have fun. These rules are to ensure a safe, hospitable environment. Anyone that violates these rules will be kicked or banned.

Chat Policies

When you enter chat you must agree NOT to

  1. Harass and annoy any other member of chat.
  2. Post links of violent, sexual, and offensive content.
  3. Post ID's and IGN's.
  4. Ask for private information (passwords, addresses, name, age) from another user. Upon doing so, it will result in an immediate kick.
  5. Excessive use of capital letters.
  6. Excessive use of swear words.
  7. Excessive use of emoticons.
  8. Spam and troll.
  9. Try to enforce chat policies without Chat Moderator/Admin/Bureaucrat status. If it happens no mod or sysop is active, then its an exception. Also, please message a sysop afterwards.
  10. Converse in any other language other than english.
  11. Sock puppetry. This is when a user uses more than one account. On report, it will be an immediate two week ban.
  12. Scamming. Any sight of scamming will result in an immediate 1 year ban.

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