Bloodmist Banquet are pacts, introduced on September 28, 2013.


I dug up some fams with high ATK. Should help you earn those damage points faster, hm?
  — In-game story 

How to Play

How to Play as of October 2013

  • Step 1: Forge a pact with a familiar!
    • At each tier level you can forge pacts as usual.
  • Step 2: Battle a boss with your new familiar!
    • Use your new familiar to battle a boss. Earn points for the damage you deal at each tier.
  • Step 3: Climb to the top of the rankings!
    • The highest points earned with a new familiar at each tier count towards your rank. Keep fighting to climb the ranks!

Ranking Rewards

Rewards as of October 2013

Rewards Ranking
Apocalyptic Beast Figure

Apocalyptic Beast x1

Rose Coin

Rose Pact
Guaranteed an Epic or
Crystal Set x5


Crystal Set x5



Details as of October 2013

You can cycle through the tiers in this pact four times during the event. Tier 1 starts at 100 MobaCoin! Higher tiers have better drop rates for featured familiar!

Tier Pact number Featured familiar rate Price Bonus
1 1 10% 100 BloodCoins 1 Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound)
2 2 1 pact 10% 200 BloodCoins -
3 2 1 pact 10% 300 BloodCoins -
4 3 1 pact 20% 600 BloodCoins -
5 4 1 pact 30% 900 BloodCoins -
6 6 1 pact 50% 1500 BloodCoins -
7 9 1 pact Featured familiar Rarity.Legendary or Rarity.Epic Guaranteed! 2700 BloodCoins -

Featured Familiar List

Featured familiars as of October 2013

All featured familiars in this pact have high ATK, making it easier to aim for the top ranks!

Featured Familiar
Image Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Hraesvelg, Corpse Feaster II Figure Hraesvelg, Corpse Feaster Figure
Hraesvelg, Corpse Feaster II Hungry Beak 11,949 16,922 11,234 12,112 13,249
Special Revived Familiars
Apocalyptic Beast II Figure Apocalyptic Beast Figure

Other Featured Familiars
Cuelebre the Ironscaled II Figure Cuelebre the Ironscaled Figure
Deborah, Knight Immaculate II Figure Deborah, Knight Immaculate Figure
Batraz, the Immortal Hero II Figure Batraz, the Immortal Hero Figure
Iron Golem II Figure Iron Golem Figure
Lia, Gladiator II Figure Lia, Gladiator Figure
Golad the Mighty II Figure Golad the Mighty Figure
Desna, Mythic Wendigo II Figure Desna, Wendigo Figure
Desna, Wendigo II Figure
Desna, Mythic Wendigo Figure
Fomor the Savage II Figure Fomor Figure
Fomor II Figure
Fomor the Savage Figure
Lanvall, Lizard Cavalier II Figure Lanvall, Lizard Knight Figure
Lanvall, Lizard Knight II Figure
Lanvall, Lizard Cavalier Figure
Hogni Ruinblade II Figure Hogni the Greedy Figure
Hogni the Greedy II Figure
Hogni Ruinblade Figure
Tepaxtl, Fatal Fang II Figure Tepaxtl, Venomous Fang Figure
Tepaxtl, Venomous Fang II Figure
Tepaxtl, Fatal Fang Figure

Important Notes

Notes as of October 2013

  • For Tiers 2 to 7, after the pact animation has completed you can get one additional familiar (Rare or higher). This familiar will be placed in the General section of your Wagon.
  • The featured familiar drop rate listed for each tier is the drop rate for the last familiar in each pact.
  • This pact only includes familiars that can be evolved.
  • Rewards are determined by the rankings at the end of the event.
  • Ranking rewards will be distributed to players' Wagons after the end of the event.
  • Featured familiar do not include elites.
  • The elites in The Labyrinth Games, the next raid boss event, are Unicorn and Agatha. Both are included in this pact at a very low drop rate.
  • The Labyrinth Games event will run form 3:00 AM October 1 through 8:00 PM October 7 (PT). Event content and elite bonuses can change without notice, so players wishing to participate should check the Info screen and event page for the latest details.
  • Battles after pacts last two turns.
  • Familiars are assigned a random position in the 5-Front formation.
  • Skills trigger randomly, including buff, debuff, and certain attack skills.
  • Bosses cannot be poisoned.

Other Bloodmist Banquet

Table below is incomplete

Begin Date End Date (times in PT) Special Featured Familiar(s) Featured Revived Familiar(s)
November 29, 2013 ? Ettin

Other Images

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