(noun) french - a spirit of familiarity and trust existing between friends
"If there is some sort of consesnsus from the Wikians, (I) will consider following along and joining up in a different with the awesome people that are here.  (I) Prefer a game that has a Wiki and an engaged developer that listens to the players.  Some listed here have skeleton Wikis." [quoting Nwstehle]

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Discussion Post  Life after BB This is balls STAY positive
What will happen to the wikia? How can you help out? Page for FordY Timeline

Member research

Please be as factual as possible.
Game  Synopsis Platforms Expense Similarity Official Site Video Notes
Blood Brothers 2

requires your active participation in battles,

uses elements system (ie water>fire) but

more money hungry time consuming

Android, Apple,

Varies (in app upgrades Very Similar Link Youtube Official Forum, 
Blades of Battle Very similar in mechanics compared to BB.
Game supports guilds (up to 10 members).
Events like pvp, special dungeons with individual
and guild based rankings and rewards.
Android, Apple Varies (in app purchases) Very Similar (BB clone) Youtube Official Forum

Official wiki
Non official wiki by bb wiki members


If an alliance, team, wiki, etc hasn't been formed, feel free to do so.
Game  Alliance Communication Wiki Needs Contact Notes
Blood Brothers 2 Link
Blades of Battle Link

Thank you

This is a repeat, to those of you that have been involved in my pages before. But I just can't leave it out.'I want to take a moment of my time to say Thank You! 'I absolutely love this place and each person that makes it possible. 'Thanks for your feedback, thanks for your contributions, thanks for your time, thanks for your knowledge, thanks for following my journey, thanks for the friendships, thanks for the dedication and most of all: 

A final note

Note: This is NOT an open invitation to discuss this, or any rumors, or anything other than factual information on this page.
Not one person that has dedicated endless hours, endless days, endless amounts of their own free time has been compensated from the designers, developers, owners, or any staff involved in Blood Brothers.
This Blood Brothers wiki never was considered an "official" wiki, nor an "official" source of game information. This was always the hardest part, Blood Brothers actually put endless effort into deterring our hard work here. And "officially" frowned upon the wikia releasing information acquired before it was scheduled in game. It was a lot of constant tension. That was very much alive and well when I started contributing here. This was a delicate balance for admins, mods, and contributors alike that ethically and morally made it a point to remain legit and trustworthy. Some famously failed miserably along the way. For that I personally worked harder to show what good the work here was for the community. This isn't exactly what is considered common knowledge. But this is what we constantly faced here at the wikia.

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