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Special Dungeons Map

Map of the Special Dungeons events.

Special Dungeons (also known by fans as Tower Events) are a type of event that puts players against series of powerful familiars and bosses known as Tower Bosses.

All familiars found in dungeons resemble regular ones, but have higher stats when faced and new abilities. Their names are typically followed by a "+" symbol. They can be captured and levelled as per normal, but cannot be evolved, and their stats are typically lower once captured.


In Special Dungeons, the player's goal is to ascend a tower. The tower is comprised of various zones (dungeons) which follow a linear path, and contain one group of familiars every other step. As the player completes each zone, the strength of the familiars faced increases. At the end of some of these areas, a boss or mini-boss awaits. All familiars in this event, including bosses, can be captured (using  Blood Meals or Heartsbloods).

Furthermore, a player can choose the difficulty level from Novice, Advanced and Expert, by tower.

Obtaining Points

There are three ways to obtain points: killing or capturing familiars and shared points. At higher zones, familiars are worth more when killed or captured. Bosses give a large bonus when killed, as well as being captured, and will provide more points than regular familiars.

Shared Points

These points are accumulated during the event and can be claimed at any point, once an ally has killed or captured familiars. Unclaimed points will still be rewarded and will be used to determine ranking during end of event calculation. While an ally may claim 100% of their own points, a percentage of the points obtained are reflected to an allies point count as follows:

  1. 10% of the total Vanquish Points obtained can be shared with event allies.
  2. 30% of the total Capture Points obtained can be shared with event allies. 

Special Dungeons 12

The Double Capture Points Bonus (usually granted the last three days of the event) was replaced by the Double Vanquish Points Bonus thats active for the first three days of the event.

Special Dungeons 13

The Double Capture Points Bonus has been revived and sets in for the last four days of the event additionally to the Double Vanquish Points Bonus which is still active for the first three days.






Wereheart Shard

Wereheart Shard

Beastheart Shard

Beastheart Shard

Mandrake Leaf

Mandrake Leaf

Scarlet Coin

Scarlet Coin



Event Rarity.Rare Multi-Event Rarity.Rare
20 HP 1,000 100,000 200,000 100,000 800,000 1,200,000 400,000 1,500,000
40 ATK 4,000 350,000 400,000 250,000 2,000,000
250 DEF 10,000 450,000 500,000 460,000
500 WIS 16,000 600,000 800,000 620,000
1,000 AGI 40,000 1,000,000 1,200,000 940,000
1,600 HP 80,000 1,500,000 2,000,000 1,400,000
2,400 ATK 140,000 2,000,000
3,200 DEF 250,000 2,800,000
4,000 WIS 450,000 4,800,000
5,500 AGI 800,000 7,000,000
7,000 ATK 2,400,000
8,500 DEF 3,400,000
10,000 WIS 4,200,000
11,000 AGI 5,000,000
12,000 HP 5,800,000
45 15 6 6 10 1 1 2 1


Rift of Worlds Figure

At random intervals, a rift can be opened. During rift time, the Rift of Worlds may spawn and appear randomly among enemy brigades. If captured, it is worth a large amount of points. The rift can also spawn for an event ally, as long as they are playing simultaneously with the spawned rift.


Two separate timers are given for each rift:

10 minutes - early in the event, usually the first 3 days
12 minutes - late in the event, usually the last day

Dungeons & Bosses

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Special Dungeons 1-10

For Special Dungeons 10 and preceding, three towers/dungeons awaited the players:

  • The Novice's Tower: for beginners (5 floors). Familiars attack in groups of 3. The boss is a Uncommon Familiar and awaits at the 5th floor as a boss.
  • The Squire's Tower: for advanced players (5 floors). Familiars attack in groups of 4. The boss is a Uncommon Familiar and awaits at the 5th floor as a boss.
  • The Knight's Tower: for experts (11 floors). Familiars attack in groups of 5. The boss, a Rare Familiar, awaits at the 5th floor, and at each floor until the 11th. This boss becomes more powerful at each floor.

Special Dungeons 11-14

Starting from Special Dungeons 11, two new types of towers/dungeons were introduced that replaced the previous three:

  • Keystone Tower: normal tower (10 floors). Familiars first attack in groups of 3, then 4, then 5 the higher you ascend. Bosses are present on the 2nd and 5th-10th floors. Keystone Shards are awarded at various zones in the tower.
  • Magic Tower: the familiars in this tower will debuff ATK (10 floors). Familiars first attack in groups of 3, then 4, then 5 the higher you ascend. Bosses are present on the 2nd and 5th-10th floors. Magic Shards are awarded at various zones in the tower.

Special Dungeons 12-14

Starting from Special Dungeons 12, a third type of tower/dungeon was introduced:

  • Vault of Trials: a zone between the Keystone and Magic towers (1 floor). It holds three bosses that must be fought one after the other. Three Tower Coins are required to enter the Vault.

Special Dungeons 14

Special Dungeons 14's Keystone Shards at level 10 are 3 shards instead of 1 as compared to previous events.

Special Dungeons 15

Special Dungeons 15 returned to the 3 tower style, as Special Dungeons 1-10.

Special Dungeons 16

Special Dungeons 16 reintroduced the Vault of Trials, three Tower Coins are required to enter the Vault, which can be obtained on Knight's Tower level 10.

Special Dungeons 23

  • First Special Dungeon to have the reward Legendary (Ghislandi, the Unchained) as a vault boss.
  • Vault structure was changed, instead of fighting 4 bosses, you fight 6 bosses.

Special Dungeons 26

  • This is the first tower event where boss can be captured starting from first floor (on previous tower events, boss could be caught starting from the 5th floor).
  • Vault of Trials layout was changed back to 4 boss fights, from the 6 boss fights that has been present since Special Dungeons 23.

Special Dungeons 27

Vault structure has been changed to 7 boss fights instead of 4 boss fights.

Battle 1 Battle 2 Battle 3 Battle 4 Battle 5 Battle 6 Battle 7
Tower Boss Tower Boss Tower Boss Tower Boss Random Rare Random Legendary 3 Legendary Bosses

Special Dungeons 30

The "Sanctum of the Fallen" was introduced, and themes and designs for the towers started changing each event.

The Blighted Cemetery

Starting from The Blighted Cemetery the 3 towers were replaced by:

  • Burial Grounds: Main Boss vulnerable to ATK-based damage, highly resistant to WIS/AGI-based damage.
  • Ruined Graveyard: Main Boss highly susceptible to Freeze but is resistant to all other afflictions.
  • Haunted Boneyard: Main Boss striking fear in all who cross its path, it reduces the skill trigger rate of its foes.

Each area has three difficulty levels and a boss with a different dark power.

Also the Vault of Trials and Sanctum of the Fallen have different names by events.

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