Christmas Celebrations is a launched for the 2014 Christmas Season on December 1, 2014.

How to play

All you need to do is to collect ornaments from special zone enemies and decorate the tree.

The overall Pts contributed by all Blood Brothers players play a part in unlocking more attractive prizes like powerful L and EP familiars. Every ornament you use to decorate the tree counts! (Unlocked presents will be lighted up on the tree, with the Pts gauge indicating overall status of unlocking.)

All unlocked presents will be available for eligible players to draw starting on Christmas Day. The more Pts you contribute, the more times you can draw presents!

The Top 5 Point contributors will be awarded Galatea, Nereid x1 when the event ends!


  • Once your WL has reached level 30, ornaments can be collected from Friendly Snowman Figure Friendly Snowman which can be found on map encounters (both on event zones and story map zones).
  • There are three different Christmas ornaments that are worth different amounts of points:
Christmas Celebration Ornaments
  • In order to be able to draw more often you have to contributed a certain amount of points:
Pts Contributed Draw Times
100~499 1
500~999 2
1000~2499 3
2500~4999 4
5000~ 5


The overall Pts contributed by all Blood Brothers players play a part in unlocking more attractive prizes below.

Present Points Needed Number available for drawing
Gjallarhorn Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) 0 33,345
Mandrake Leaf Mandrake Leaf 0 22,230
Heartsblood Heartsblood (Bloodbound) 0 6,669
Bugle Bugle x 2 0 64,467
Elixir Elixir x 5 0 21,119
Gjallarhorn Gjallarhorn 5,000,000 4,446
HP Crystal HP Crystal x 5 10,000,000 12,227
ATK Crystal Attack Crystal x 5 18,000,000 12,227
DEF Crystal Defense Crystal x 5 25,000,000 12,227
WIS Crystal Wisdom Crystal x 5 35,000,000 12,227
AGI Crystal Agility Crystal x 5 50,000,000 12,227
Truesight Amulet Truesight Amulet 80,000,000 4,446
Blood Seal Blood Seal 100,000,000 2,223
Mandrake Mandrake 125,000,000 2,223
Anubis, Keeper of the Dead Figure Anubis, Keeper of the Dead 175,000,000 10
Paladin of Aquarius Figure Paladin of Aquarius 200,000,000 10
Paladin of Taurus Figure Paladin of Taurus 225,000,000 10
Galatea, Nereid Figure Galatea, Nereid 275,000,000 5
Arcanan Might Figure Arcanan Might 300,000,000 3
Silver Dragon Figure Silver Dragon 325,000,000 3
Odin, God of Victory Figure Odin, God of Victory 350,000,000 3
Total Presents 222,347

Christmas Gifts

As part of the celebration all players receive the following gifts:

Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x2 Christmas Gifts 2014
Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x2
Truesight Amulet x1
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x2
Dried Sage x20
Bugle x3
Mandrake Leaf x3

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