Christmas Trail is a mini-event part of the 2015 Christmas Campaign.

Take part in Frost Beast's Lair to obtain Snowballs to obtain Special Familiars and Items.

Featured Familiar

Get another Gabrielle, Angel of Sky from Christmas Login Bonus!

The mentioned stats are for fully evolved familiars (L**), PE.

Introduced Familiar
Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Gabrielle, Angel of Sky II Figure Gabrielle, Angel of Sky Figure
Gabrielle, Angel of Sky II Revelation of Death
Grace of the Angel
19,424 17,225 16,705 7,551 17,593

How to play

Christmas Trial Snowman
Get Snowball Snowballs by participating in events.

Help your snowman move 1 to 3 steps along the Christmas Trail by using Snowballs. Valuable familiars and items await you in the snow!

Moving 1 step costs 10 Snowballs, 2 steps 25 Snowballs and 3 steps 35 Snowballs.

A minimum of 300 Snowballs are needed to claim all rewards. A minimum of 235 Snowballs are needed to claim Gabrielle, Angel of Sky with the shortest path available. In total 400 Snowballs can be acquired in following events:

Important Notes

  • The Christmas Trail is only valid until 2 January 12:00 am (PT).
  • Each unused Snowball will be converted to 1 Silver Coin after the above time.

Mini-game Details

Reach the end of the Trail to get Gabrielle, Angel of Sky!
Along the way, you may obtain other useful familiars and items (once per step). There are 2 types of steps on the Trail: 1.Normal Steps:

Christmas Trial Normal Step
  • You'll obtain the displayed items/familiars by passing over or landing on these steps.

2.Special Steps:

Christmas Trial Special Step
  • You'll only interact with these by landing on them.
  • Special Steps may hold familiars or force you to move.
  • Steps with a question mark will have random results (see below).

Movement Step

Step Explanation
Christmas Trial Move 1 More Step Step Move 1 more step
Christmas Trial Move 2 More Steps Step Move 2 more steps
Christmas Trial Bridge Step Move along the bridge
Christmas Trial Move 2 Back Steps Step Move back 2 steps

Mystery Steps

Depending on the color of the question mark, landing on one of these steps will produce a random result:

Step Explanation
Christmas Trial Grey Mystery Step Move back 1 step or

Receive Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1 or
Receive Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1 or
Receive Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x1

Christmas Trial Yellow Mystery Step Move back 1 step or

Receive Mandrake Leaf x5 or
Receive Alcina, Lich Witch Figure Alcina, Lich Witch Rarity.Rare x1 or
Receive Roc Figure Roc Rarity.Rare x1

Christmas Trial Purple Mystery Step Move back 1 step or

Receive Simurgh, Winged Protector Figure Simurgh, Winged Protector Rarity.Rare x1 or
Receive Jason, Fallen Hero Figure Jason, Fallen Hero Rarity.Epic x1 or
Receive Ettin Figure Ettin Rarity.Epic x1

Christmas Trial Red Mystery Step Move back 2 steps or

Receive Doppeladler Figure Doppeladler Rarity.Legendary x1 or
Receive Pontifex Antiquus Figure Pontifex Antiquus Rarity.Legendary x1 or
Receive Cernunnos Figure Cernunnos Rarity.Legendary x1

Christmas Trial Blue Mystery Step Move back 1 step or

Receive Paladin of Sagittarius Figure Paladin of Sagittarius Rarity.Epic x1 or
Receive Saizo, Phantom Ninja Figure Saizo, Phantom Ninja Rarity.Legendary x1 or
Receive Arcanan Judgment Figure Arcanan Judgment Rarity.Legendary x1


Receive the item depicted on step when you land on it.

Christmas Trial Mandrake Leaf x3 Step
Mandrake Leaf x3
Christmas Trial Mandrake Leaf x5 Step
Mandrake Leaf x5
Christmas Trial Bugle x3 Step
Bugle x3
Christmas Trial Heartsblood x1 Step
Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x1
Christmas Trial Mandrake x1 Step
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1
Christmas Trial Gjallarhorn x1 Step
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1
Christmas Trial Heartsblood x2 Step
Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x2
Christmas Trial Mandrake x2 Step
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x2
Christmas Trial Gjallarhorn x2 Step
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x2


Receive the familiar depicted on step when you land on it.

Christmas Trial Gabrielle Step
Gabrielle, Angel of Sky x1
Christmas Trial Sagittarius Step
Paladin of Sagittarius x1
Christmas Trial Hoska Step
Hoska, Ballista Soldier x1
Christmas Trial Cernunnos Step
Cernunnos x1
Christmas Trial Dasher Step
Dasher, Battle Reindeer x1
Christmas Trial Judgment Step
Arcanan Judgment x1
Christmas Trial Santa Step
Santa, Flesh-Eater x1
Christmas Trial Sugaar Step
Sugaar, Wind Dragon x1
Christmas Trial Sasquatch Step
Sasquatch Sweet Tooth x1
Christmas Trial Alcina Step
Alcina, Lich Witch x1

Other Images

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