Frames were introduced to the game during A Thunder of Hooves event.

They are used to decorate your Warlord's profile in game.

Each of the first 4 frames is linked to a specific event type, achieving high ranks in the same event grants you a higher rarity frame:

The special frames are handed out as login bonus rewards during certain celebrations or completing certain mini-events.

Acquisition Name Frames
DefaultDefault frameDefault frame
Raid Boss Leader's Pride Leader's Pride 1
Leader's Pride 2 Leader's Pride 3
Leader's Pride 4 Leader's Pride 5 Leader's Pride 6
Leader's Pride 7 Leader's Pride 8 Leader's Pride 9 Leader's Pride 10
Special Dungeons Adventurer's Mettle Adventurer's Mettle 1
Adventurer's Mettle 2 Adventurer's Mettle 3
Adventurer's Mettle 4 Adventurer's Mettle 5 Adventurer's Mettle 6
Adventurer's Mettle 7 Adventurer's Mettle 8 Adventurer's Mettle 9 Adventurer's Mettle 10
PvP Champion's Strength Champion's Strength 1
Champion's Strength 2 Champion's Strength 3
Champion's Strength 4 Champion's Strength 5 Champion's Strength 6
Champion's Strength 7 Champion's Strength 8 Champion's Strength 9 Champion's Strength 10
World Battle Tournament Hero's Challenge Hero's Challenge 1
Hero's Challenge 2 Hero's Challenge 3
Hero's Challenge 4 Hero's Challenge 5 Hero's Challenge 6
Hero's Challenge 7 Hero's Challenge 8 Hero's Challenge 9 Hero's Challenge 10
Abyssal Rift Purified Heart Purified Heart 1
Purified Heart 2 Purified Heart 3
Purified Heart 4 Purified Heart 5 Purified Heart 6
Purified Heart 7 Purified Heart 8 Purified Heart 9 Purified Heart 10
Login BonusLiberty WingsLiberty Wings
Login BonusPumpkins of DoomPumpkins of Doom
Victory HuntersVictory HunterVictory Hunter 1 Victory Hunter 2
Login BonusJoyous WreathJoyous Wreath
ColiseumColiseum ChampionColiseum Champion Frame

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