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C Common Familiars are marked with a C. See Category:Common Familiars
CC See Crystal
Category Wiki term. Organization method.
Cemetery A location you visit to grow your army by purchasing Pacts with special coins. See: Cemetery
Coffer A wood strongbox found while travelling through zones. Contains treasure, but must be opened after clearing a zone. See: Coffer
Common Typically, Common refers to the rarity of a familiar and their availability in game. See: Common
Cone A skill, typically AoE, that hits up to a maximum of three targets in one single hit: one directly ahead, and one on each side of the first. If two familiars are not adjacent to each other, the skill will hit only one of them. If a familiar is placed on the sides, a cone skill will hit only two targets. Compare with Fork, which hits three targets in multi-hit.
Copper Coin A coin found while traversing a zone, used at the Cemetery to purchase Copper Pacts. See: Copper Coin
Copper Pact A purchasable coffin that will add a familiar to your army. See: Cemetery
Counter A skill that allows a familiar to strike back when it or an ally takes damage.
Crystal Used to empower familiars. Shatter to release spirits associated with a stat to raise that stat by 50 points. Up to 10 crystals per stat may be used on a familiar.
CSMM An abbreviation for Cat Sith Magus Master II, a quite popular and powerful WIS-based familiar.
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