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Pact A pact, from Latin pactum ("something agreed upon"), is a formal agreement.
You can purchase Pacts at the Cemetery to gain a new familiar for your army in the fight against Galbraith.
Familiars obtained via pact are the same as familiars captured while travelling through zones.
PE Perfect Evolution.
Perfect Evolution has been determined to be possible in the case of a 4-star familiar by using 8 1-star familiars, and leveling/evolving in a certain way to achieve the highest final stats without adding crystals. See Evolution.
POPE Perfect Over Perfect Evolution. Similar to Perfect Evolution, but with the maximum number of crystals added. This is generally 400 for 8-card evolutions, 200 for 4-card evolutions and 100 for 2-card evolutions. See Evolution.

POPE was originated from failed autocorrect of mobile devices and it is widely accepted as an alternative of OPE400 / OPE100.

Proc The chance that a skill will activate. When a skill activates it is also known as Proccing.
PvE PvE stands for Player versus Environment. These are battles against story-mode mobs, tower mobs, tower bosses, or raid bosses.
PvP PvP stands for Player versus Player. When one of your brigades goes head to head with another players brigade to earn points, and rewards!
PvP Event PvP Events or Player versus Player events, pit player teams against other player teams to gain titles that boost battle damage.
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