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Wagon/General Storage for Rewards earned outside of actual game play and Familiars drawn via pact with Rarity "Rare" or above if you are at max capacity. Items and familiars stored for only 30 days.
Wagon/Social Items received from trade, or items returned from expired trade, get placed in the Bazaar section of your wagon. All familiars and items stored for 30 days. Formerly Wagon/Bazaar.
Wagon/Temporary Storage for captured, received as Reward or "Common" and "Uncommon" Familiars drawn via pact go into Temporary Storage when you are at max capacity. Familiars only stay in Temporary Storage for 24 hours before being removed.
Warlord One of the 8 familiars you select at the start of the game to lead your team into the battles that take you through the saga of Blood Brothers. See: Warlords.
Hero and Warlord are interchangeable terms within the community.
WBC World Battle Coliseum
White Flag See Battle Standard.
WIS See Wisdom
Wisdom One of five stats of a familiar. Wisdom is used to calculate damage of magical attacks. It also reduces damage taken by magical attacks and reduces the effects of debuffs. See Stats
Withdraw To remove your brigade from a zone, losing all found Coffers and Reliquaries. Withdrawal can be forced if your Warlord is knocked out and you cannot revive him.
Worth The amount of gold you obtain when dismissing a familiar.
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