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Special Information

  • This is the first PvP Event to introduce Point Frenzy, an extra points bonus activated after a 100 consecutive PvP match wins.
  • Earn an extra Point Bonus for winning PvP battles, while using skills or attacks that "Drains HP". The skill (or standard attack) can be on any familiar in your brigade, excluding your Warlord. The bonus is granted for up to 3 familiars and multiplies your points by up to 120%.

  • Bonus Table:
# Familiars in BrigadeBonus Points

Full list of familiars that have standard attacks or skills that drain foes' HP: Note: click Expand to view the list

Rarity Familiar Name Primary Dmg Source Position Dependent Drains HP With
M Camazo, Knight of Bats II Figure Camazo, Knight of Bats II AGI Yes Auto-Attack
L Arcanan Death II Figure Arcanan Death II ATK Yes Skill
L Arcanan Fool II Figure Arcanan Fool II ATK Yes Skill
L Kokuanten, the Ominous II Figure Kokuanten, the Ominous II WIS No Skill
L Liza, Blood-Anointed Figure Liza, Blood-Anointed WIS No Auto-Attack
L Ryaum, Hussar Captain II Figure Ryaum, Hussar Captain II AGI Yes Skill
L Tyche, Goddess of Glory Figure Tyche, Goddess of Glory WIS No Skill
L Wrath, Beast of Sin Figure Wrath, Beast of Sin ATK Yes Skill
EP Chione, Fallen Heroine II Figure Chione, Fallen Heroine II AGI Yes Skill
EP Hatshepsut, Mummy Queen II Figure Hatshepsut, Mummy Queen II ATK No Skill & Auto-Attack
EP Sera, Exorcist II Figure Sera, Exorcist II ATK No Skill
EP Selkie, Lady of the Shore II Figure Selkie, Lady of the Shore II WIS No Skill

Associated Pact

Blood Clash

As soon as players attain the PvP title of Optio (1.1x bonus to stats), all PvP battles become Blood Clashes for the duration of the event.

Daily Login Bonus

During the Event, the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Day Bonus January 16th till January 23rd
Day 1 Silver Coin x1 GoSPvP29Login
Day 2 Bugle x1
Day 3 Wereheart Shard x1
Day 4 Mandrake Leaf x1
Day 5 Bugle x1


Gjallarhorn rewarded at 1,200,000 event points.

GoS 29 Rewards


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