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Special Information

  • Earn an extra Point Bonus for winning PvP battles, while using familiars that have "Mounted familiar", excluding your Warlord. The bonus is granted for up to 3 familiars and multiplies your points by up to 120%.
  • Bonus Table:
# Familiars in BrigadeBonus Points

Full list of L and EP familiars that are mounted: Note: click Expand to view the list

Rarity Familiar Name Skill Name Position Dependency
M Aegir, the Roaring Sea II Figure Aegir, the Roaring Sea II Twining Net (Active - Attack)
Leaching Wave (Active - Attack)
Position Independent
L Amphisbaena II Figure Amphisbaena II Trial by Fire (Active - Attack)
Trial by Ice (Active - Attack)
Position Independent
L Arcanan Death II Figure Arcanan Death II Death's Hunt (Active - Attack)
Death's March (Active - Attack)
Position Dependent
L Arcanan Fool II Figure Arcanan Fool II Fool's Rage (Active - Attack)
Fool's Theurgy (Active - Revive)
Position Dependent
L Arcanan Might II Figure Arcanan Might II Lion's Wrath (Active - Attack)
Heroic Might (Active - Healing)
Position Dependent
L Belle, Grimoire Keeper II Figure Belle, Grimoire Keeper II Claw of the Beast (Active - Attack)
Thorn of Beauty (Active - Attack)
Position Independent
L Kokopelli Mana II Figure Kokopelli Mana II Luckcall Axe (Active - Attack)
Hexbreak Axe (Active - Attack)
Position Dependent
L Kushinada, Shamaness II Figure Kushinada, Shamaness II Oryza Blade (Active - Attack)
Pray of Fertility (Active - Healing)
Position Independent
L Odin, God of Victory II Figure Odin, God of Victory II Bolt of Judgment (Active - Attack)
Thunderstroke (Active - Attack)
Position Independent
L Pegasus Knight II Figure Pegasus Knight II Black Phantasm (Active - Attack)
Demon Spear (Active - Attack)
Position Dependent
EP Ankou, Harbinger of Death II Figure Ankou, Harbinger of Death II Wheel of Death (Active - Attack)
Hellish Rebirth (Active - Revive)
Position Independent
EP Galahad, Drake Knight II Figure Galahad, Drake Knight II Whirlwind (Active - Attack)
Grace of Winds (Opening - Buff)
Position Dependent
EP Gryla, Swap II Figure Gryla, Swap II Hungry Leopard (Active - Attack)
Bloodied Hatchet (Opening - Revive)
Position Independent
EP Gryla, the Lullaby II Figure Gryla, the Lullaby II Bloodied Hands (Active - Attack)
Healing Prism (Reactive - Healing)
Position Independent
EP Moren, Rime Mage II Figure Moren, Rime Mage II Icicle (Active - Attack)
Grace of Winds 2 (Opening - Buff)
Position Independent
EP Paladin of Gemini II Figure Paladin of Gemini II Twin Arrow (Active - Attack)
Fists of Gemini (Active - Attack)
Position Independent

Associated Pacts

Blood Clash

As soon as players earn 60,000 points and attain the PvP title of Optio (1.1x bonus to stats), all PvP battles become Blood Clashes for the duration of the event.

Challenge Battle

  • You may have chance to encounter Challenge Battle after each 3 back-to-back wins.
  • Win all Challenge Battles in 15 minutes to earn greater points and amazing rewards!
  • Challenge Battles will not affect your win count.
  • Up to win streak 24, Challenge Battles involve 3 back-to-back battles. After win streak 24 this becomes 5 back-to-back battles.
  • Winning all Challenge Battles grants you 1 bugle and a chance of obtaining C/UC galoshes or band.
  • Collect as many Marks of Glory as you can from Challenge Battle! Exchange them for familiars with theme bonus for the current event and other valuable items in the Hall of Glory!

Daily Login Bonus

During the Event, the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Day Bonus July 16th till July 23rd
Day 1 Silver Coin x10 GoSPvP35Login
Day 2 Bugle x3
Day 3 Wereheart Shard x3
Day 4 Mandrake Leaf x3
Day 5 Bugle x3


Rusted Galoshes rewarded at 500,000 event points.

Rusted Band rewarded at 750,000 event points.

Scarlet Coin rewarded at 1,500,000 event points.

Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) rewarded at 1,750,000 event points.

Chance to obtain Rusted Galoshes, Rusted Band, Polished Galoshes or Polished Band from 3 back-to-back wins rewards

1 Rusted Band, Polished Band or Radiant Band is rewarded for finishing #1 in each day's group, the ring's rarity is determined by the group's title.

Top 10,000 ranked players receive 1 Gjallarhorn.

GoS35 Rewards


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