Golconda Hoard Pact are pacts, introduced for the first time on June 4, 2015.

Every tier rewards a varying number of Pickaxe Pickaxes. Each set of 10 Pickaxes can be used to enter the Treasure Grotto.

Golconda Hoard Pact Banner

How To Play

You only need to draw once from each Tier to advance to the next. Tier 7 repeats indefinitely.

Get Pickaxe Pickaxes and enter the Treasure Grotto!

Pickaxes will be displayed as "Golconda Hoard Pact bonus" when you receive them. They will be placed in the wagon.

Guaranteed Familiars

You may obtain Legendary familiars other than Ker, the Cursed Diamond from guaranteed familiars.

Tiers Guaranteed familiar
Tier 3 Rarity.Epic or Rarity.Legendary x1 Guaranteed!
Tier 5 Rarity.Epic x1 Guaranteed!
Tier 6 Rarity.Legendary x1 Guaranteed!
Tier 7 Rarity.Legendary x1 Guaranteed on the 4th purchase!

Ker, the Cursed Diamond x1 Guaranteed on the 9th purchase!


Tier number Pact number Repetition Ker, the Cursed Diamond base rate Price Bonus
1 1 - - 100 BloodCoins Pickaxe x3 + If you are not satisfied with your familiar, you can redraw once!
2 2 - x2 300 BloodCoins Pickaxe x4
3 3 - x3 500 BloodCoins Pickaxe x3 + Rarity.Epic or Rarity.Legendary x1 guaranteed
4 4 - x4 1000 BloodCoins Pickaxe x5
5 5 - x7 1800 BloodCoins Pickaxe x3 + Rarity.Epic x1 guaranteed
6 7 - x8 3000 BloodCoins Pickaxe x5 + Rarity.Legendary x1 guaranteed
Bargain 7 6 - x12 2500 BloodCoins Pickaxe x4
Premium 7 12 - x12 5000 BloodCoins Pickaxe x7
From 4th repetition onward Pickaxe x10
4th Pickaxe x10 + Rarity.Legendary x1 guaranteed
9th Pickaxe x10 + Ker, the Cursed Diamond x1 guaranteed

Featured Familiars

Featured familiars include Legendaries, Epics and Rares that can be evolved.

Featured familiars are available at their lowest evolution form (L, EP* and R*) only. The mentioned stats are for fully evolved familiars (L***, L**, EP** and EP****), PE.

Featured Familiar
Image Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Ker, the Despair Diamond Figure Ker, the Cursed Diamond Figure
Ker, the Cursed Diamond II Figure
Ker, the Despair Diamond Cursed Glimmer
Diamond Sparkle
20,410 18,435 17,980 12,495 17,912
Other Featured Familiars
Impregnable Iron Golem Figure Battle-scarred Iron Golem Figure
Battle-scarred Iron Golem II Figure
Captain Kidd II Figure Captain Kidd Figure
Svadilfari II Figure Svadilfari Figure
Arcanan High Priestess II Figure Arcanan High Priestess Figure
Microraptor II Figure Microraptor Figure
Djinn of the Lamp II Figure Djinn of the Lamp Figure
Arcanan Daemon II Figure Arcanan Daemon Figure
Brang Two-Heads II Figure Brang Two-Heads Figure
Brass Tarantula II Figure Brass Tarantula Figure
Minerva, Goddess of War II Figure Minerva, Goddess of War Figure

Important Notes

The base rate in Tier 1 for Ker, the Cursed Diamond is 0.1%.
Starting from Tier 2, multipliers are applied to such base rate to increase the drop rate of the Ker, the Cursed Diamond ("drop rate").

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