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The Golden Lance is one of the eight Warlords and represents the Lizardman Race. He has very high Agility.

The Golden Lance
The Golden Lance Figure
Race Gender
[[File:Race.Lizardman<.png|50px|center|link=:Category:Race Lizardman<]]
Evolution Rarity.Epic 1of1
Max Level 170
Rarity Epic
Skill Scythe Storm
Last Words The fight's only just begun!

Flavor Text

A hale lizardman warrior from the East Lowlands.
  — In-game description 


The Golden Lance appears to be a male lizardman clad in red and gold armor. His scales are mainly green, but some grey scale coloring is visible on the inside of his thigh and his jaw. The helm of his attire is adorned with steel horns and a red mane, which may or may not be his own. As for weapons, he carries a halberd, and his tail has a trident that can be used for offense or defense.


Extremely high AGI.

Base 1,240 1,200 1,020 1,040 1,450
Max 13,962 13,494 11,451 11,727 16,309
POPE 14,462 13,995 11,951 12,228 16,810
Raid 72,310 69,975 59,755 61,140 84,050

Other Images

[[Category:Race Lizardman<]]

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