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Guerson, Thunder Mage II

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Guerson, Thunder Mage II
Guerson, Thunder Mage II Figure
Skill Thundercloud
Evolution Rarity.Epic 4of4
Max Level 99
Rarity Epic
Growth Normal
Worth 19,820 Gold
Race Westerner
Tradable: Tradable
Last Words Lightning! Scorch them with your blazing judgment!
ID 10641
Auto-attack ATK (100% * 1)
Sacrificable Yes
Base 3,640 3,760 3,530 4,850 4,040
Max 8,480 8,770 8,220 11,300 9,420
PE 10,335 10,690 10,020 13,775 11,483
Note: PE Stats is 2x1*, 4x1* or 8x1*, fully leveled.

Special Information

See our Tier Lists (PvP, Raid and Tower) for Guerson, Thunder Mage II's tier.


Evolution Line

  1. Guerson, Spark Mage
  2. Guerson, Spark Mage II
  3. Guerson, Thunder Mage
  4. Guerson, Thunder Mage II

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