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This article contains all the In-Game messages that helps the player understand the game.

About the Game

Game Overview

You are a vampire, You must assemble a band of familiars and bind them to you by blood.
Only then can you face the Dynast-King and his vast host in this RPG of blood and steel.


The world in which the game is set. Arnashia is made up of nine regions.


The nine major territories of Arnashia. Different races call each region home. [Regions are currently detailed on the Arnashia world page.]


The subdivisions of a region. Each area is further divided into zones. [Areas will have their own pages, links to each will be available on the Arnashia world page.]


Zone Overview

The subdivisions of an area. [Zones will be detailed on the appropriate Area page with information about available familiars, maps, and more.]

Step Overview

Your advancement through a zone is measured in steps. Tap an arrow to advance, and you will automatically move to the next icon (Foe, Chest, etc.) All branches lead to the end of the zone but they may have different obstacles and rewards along the way. Each step consumes one ration.


Each step you take requires energy, which regenerates at the rate of one point every five minutes and fully recovers when your warlord levels up. Your energy is displayed at the top of the screen.

Clearing Zones

Reach the end of the zone to clear it.

The Spoils

You receive spoils for clearing a zone and you can open any coffers and reliquaries you've found. The way to the next zone will also be unlocked, and your brigade will regain full HP.

In the Zone


If your brigade is defeated, it is forced to withdraw from the zone. Any rare chest found are lost, and you must attempt the zone from the beginning.
Before heading back in, it's a good idea to strengthen your brigade by returning to an earlier zone or making new Blood Brothers. After withdrawing, your brigade regains full HP.

Coin Purses

Contain a small amount of gold.

Money Bags

Contain more gold than a coin purse.


Contain gold and items


Coffers hold rare treasure, and cannot be opened until the zone is cleared.


Reliquaries contain the rarest treasure and cannot be opened until the zone is cleared. The contents are usually superior to that found in coffers and can include gold.


Battle Overview

Touching a Foe icon within a zone brings up the battle screen. You can swap in familiars from reserve and adjust your brigade composition before touching "To Battle!" to begin the fight.


Defeat all foes to win a battle and earn XP.


If everyone in your party is rendered unconscious, you lose the battle and your foe will leave the battlefield.


When a familiar's HP reaches 0, they fall unconscious and can no longer fight.

Game Over

If everyone in your brigade is unconscious, the game is over. If your warlord loses consciousness, the game is over even if your familiars still have HP. Use a panacea to revive the entire brigade, or an elixir to revive your warlord, to continue advancing through the zone without withdrawing.


The end of each area is guarded by a boss. Defeat the boss to advance to the next area. If you're defeated by a boss, the boss will not recover any HP lost in the battle, which will help in your next attempt.


Afflictions Overview

Conditions are beneficial or harmful effects applied using skills in battle.


A poisoned familiar slowly loses HP.


A paralyzed familiar cannot take actions for one turn.


A frozen familiar cannot take actions for one turn.


A temporary beneficial condition.


A temporary harmful condition.

PvP Battles

Basic Rules

You may encounter opponents while exploring a zone. Select an opponent from the list to begin battle! Win 3 battles in 10 minutes to claim a reward. the more back-to-back wins you accumulate, the greater the reward. There are also prizes for each day's top-ranked competitors!

Win Streaks

Receive a reward each time you get 3 back-to-back wins. If you lose, your record is reset to 0. if you don't get 3 wins in 10 minutes, none of your wins in the time period count.


Rankings are determined by the number of wins each day between 2 a.m. and 0 a.m (PDT). The rewards change daily, so win early and often!


You can choose to do all-out or standard attacks. All-out attacks take 3 morale, but your party's stats receive a 50% bonus.
You can use two items to quickly replenish morale!

Rewards in a PvP battle

Note that rewards for PvP, including daily ranking rewards and win-streak rewards are always the subject to change.


Event Coin Conversion

Unused Event Coins are subject to be converted to either Copper Coin, Silver Coin or Gold at the conclusion of the event. The process may take up to days and these would be delivered to your General Wagon with a notice.

Event Ranking Rewards

Event ranking rewards are delivered to your General Wagon. This may take hours after the conclusion of the event. You may recieve daily event rewards soon after the event ends, but these are different than the ranking rewards.

Event Ranking (Event Ally Bonus)

The final event ranking is determined after finalizing the point calculation, which would take couple of hours after the event ends. There tends to be significant changes in the final ranking as the players become highly competitive toward the end of an event. Also note that some players do not accept points from their event ally till the end, which greatly raises their ranking and causes quite a bit differences even after the event ends when finally calculated.

Event Point Rewards Switchover to Ranking rewards

Event point rewards are shown in the event information box in the Map during Journey (top left). After achieving all the available point rewards, the rewards shown will be switched to the next ranking reward you can aim for.
Look into Homescreen > Info > "the concerned event" for the further details of the event's point rewards and ranking rewards.

Event Elites and Event Reward Familiars

New familiars that appear in events, including elites and event rewards, cannot be offered in Bazaar. They will become tradable several hours (up to a full day) after the event ends.


Skill Overview

Familiars have a variety of skills they can use during battle.

Skill Levels

Leveling up Skills

By becoming Blood Brothers, a master minion's skills can increase to a maximum level of 20.

Skill Proc Rate

At higher skill levels, skills proc more often during combat.

Skill Types

Opening Skills

Skills triggered at the beginning of battle.

Attack Skills

Skills triggered when attacking

Defense Skills

Skills triggered when being attacked.

World Skills

Skills triggered while traversing a zone.


Familiar Overview

Familiars are bound to serve a warlord by a blood pact. You can make pacts with captives taken after battle. There is a limit to the number of familiars you can have; any familiars beyond this number are held in the wagon for 24 hours. Sell familiars or make them into Blood Brothers to thin their ranks.


see Races


When a familiar makes a Blood Brothers pact with a shade, it gains more Skill XP than usual. If you find a shade, access the Blood Brothers menu from the Home Screen to use it in a pact.


Rarity Overview

A classification used to indicate the relative power of a warlord or familiar. Each of the five rarities has its own level cap. Rarer familiars also have better skills. However, the higher the rarity, the less likely you are to acquire one.


The lowest rarity level.


The next rarest level above common.


The next rarest level above uncommon.


The next rarest level above rare.


The next rarest lebel above epic.


The highest rarity level.

Stat Growth

There are three types of stat growth: fast, normal, and late bloomer. After gaining a level, familiars gain stats such as ATK and DEF at varying rates depending on their type.


Stats increase quickly.


Stats increse normally.

Late Bloomer

Stats increase slowly at first, then much more quickly at higher levels.


A warlord or familiar's underlying attributes. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses.


Hit points. Characters lose HP when they take damage in balttle.

Regaining HP

Familiars placed in reserve regain HP with each step taken. You can also use Dried Sage to fully restore the HP of one familiar.


The experience points earned as you encounter and defeat enemies while exploring a zone. When the XP gauge fills, the character gains a level.


The ability to deal damage in combat.


Protection against damage recieved in combat.


Determines magic potency. Also protects against magical attacks.


More agile characters can act before their foes during battle.

Leveling Up

When a familiar gains a level, its HP are restored and its stats improve. When your warlord gains a level, your energy is fully replenished.

Checking Stats

While in a zone, tap and hold your warlord or familiar on the Band/Blood Brothers/Dismiss screen to review its stats.

About leveling up a familiar

Familiars as well as Warlord earn XPs and level up by battling in zones. Note that XPs cannot be earned in the following cases;

  1. the level of the familiar/Warlord is maxed out
  2. the familiar/Warlord is in reserve (Bloodclash is exceptional)
  3. the familiar is in a different brigade than the one selected for the current Journey


The stats of familiar/Warlord in blue are the edged stats. If you would like to check the familiar's original stats, please refer to the familiar details at Blood Brothers section, or Bazaar section.


Banding Overview

Band a group of familiars into a brigade to explore a zone. You can form up to three brigades. You cannot adjust a brigade or change formations once within a zone. You can drag and drop familiars to assign their positions. When selecting "Auto Banding", your warlord will always be placed at the center of the reserve.

Auto Banding

Select Auto while banding to have your brigade assembled for you.


Brigades Overview

A brigade is made up of a party, broken down into front, center, and rear positions, and a reserve. Cannot be changed while in a zone.



The foremost position in a party. Familiars in the front deal more damage, but they also take more in return.


The center position in a party.


The backmost position in a party. Familiars in the rear take less damage, but they deal less too.


The familiars in the forward, fighting lines of a brigade.

The Reserve

Reserve Overview

Familiars in the reserve stand behind the party. Each reserve position can hold two familiars. If a familiar in the party falls unconscious during battle, it is automatically replaced with a character from the reserve at the end of the battle.


You can swap characters between the party and reserve while exploring a zone. The number of circles at the bottom of each character indicates the number of characters in each step, so it's a good idea to place wounded familiars in reserve.


Formation Overview

Each brigade marches to battle in a given formation. Occasionally you'll learn a new formation after clearing a zone.

Blood Brothers

Bonded by Blood

Familiars bound to each other by blood. Once bound to a master, a minion familiar will no longer appear in your list of familiars.


A master can have up to eight minions, and each raises the skill level of the master.


Once bound to a master as a Blood Brother, a minion familiar can no longer be part of a brigade, and will not appear in your familiar list.

Making the Bond

Tap to select/unselect a familiar. Tap and hold to view the familiar's stats. First select the familiar that will become the master, then select its minions. It costs gold to make Blood Brothers. After the bond is made, the minion will no longer appear in your familiar list. Familiars in a brigade can be selected as masters, but not minions.

Master Skill Levels

Creating a Blood Brother gives Skill XP to the master, raising its skill level. If a familiar is at max skill level, it cannot be selected as a master, though it can still become a minion.

Master XP

Rare familiars earn more skill XP when selected as a master. Making Blood Brothers from two of the same familiars provides a further skill XP bonus.


Familiar Evolution

By combining two of the same familiar, it is possible to create an evolved familiar that is stronger than the originals, with a different appearance. The rarity of some familiars may change after evolving, and it's even possible their initial stats may be lower. Rest assured that after gaining some levels their new stats will surpass the old.


The familiar to be evolved.


The familiar used as a raw material in an evolution is called the "seed". Once used, the seed is removed from your familiars. Only one seed may be chosen in each evolution.

How to Evolve

Tap a familiar to select or deselect it. Tap and hold on a familiar to view its detailed stats. First choose the target familiar, or "spawn", then choose the seed. Gold is necessary to complete the evolution. Note that familiars currently in a party may not be selected.

Stat Transferral

A spawn inherits 5% of the seed's stats by default. However, the higher the level of the seed, the more stats are transferred. A seed raised to max level will transfer 10% of its stats to the spawn.

Multiple Evolutions

A familiar can only evolve a limited number of times--the more * icons it has, the more it can evolve. Evolving twice increases the familiar's rarity and changes its skills.

Stat Transferral

Sometimes the difference in stats after Evolution shows negative figures, but please be assured that both of the Inherit and evolution bonus are appropriately applied.


Empowering Familiars

Empowering a familiar raises its core stats. To empower a familiar, one must shatter a crystal containing a spirit with the power to bolster a familiar's stats.

Empowerment Crystals

These crystals house spirits that control one of the five core stats. The ritual shattering of the crystals claims the life of the spirit within.

HP Crystal

Increase HP by 50.

Attack Crystal

Increase ATK by 50.

Defense Crystal

Increase DEF by 50.

Agility Crystal

Increase AGI by 50.

Wisdom Crystal

Increase WIS by 50.

Add Skills

Adding Skills

Add skills to your warlord by transferring them from familiars.
Your warlord can learn up to three skills. The skills of a minion familiar whose level is 99can be transferred to your warlord. Your warlord can learn the same skill multiple times.

  • Regarding Adding Skills: Familiars whose skills are transferred to your warlord will be permanentley lost. Be careful!
  • Please note that familiars with two or more skills cannot be used to add skills to a warlord.
  • You can assign the same skill to a warlord multiple times, but it won't increase the trigger rate. It's more effective to choose a variety of skills.


Dismissing Familiars

Dismissing a familiar annuls its pact in exchange for a sum of gold. If you find yourself with too many of a certain familiar, the gold may be of more use.


Forging Pacts

An unholy ritual to revive a fallen ally from his grave. Visit Lada in the cemetary to purchase a fresh coffin.

Blessed Pact

The Blessed Pact may only be attempted once, but will always yield a rare familiar.

Scarlet Pacts

A pact guaranteed to obtain one of the more powerful familiars. Scarlet pacts always draw a familiar that's rare or above.

Scarlet Coins

An ancient coin used to purchase scarlet pacts. Lada, keeper of the graves, is known to collect them. Can be purchased with MobaCoins.

Silver Pacts

Superior to copper pacts, these pacts cost one silver coin. The coffin will be chosen at random.

Silver Coins

An ancient coin used to purchase silver pacts. Lada, keeper of the graves, is known to collect them. Can be found in reliquaries and as a reward for clearing a zone.

Copper Pacts

A pact wich can be had for free once per day. Can also be purchased for one copper coin. The coffin will be chosen at random.

Copper Coins

An ancient coin used to purchase copper pacts. Lada, keeper of the graves, is known to collect them. Can be found in coffers and as a reward for clearing a zone.

Redraw Campaign

During the Redraw Campaign you can choose to redraw a familiar once per pact. If you want to try for a different familiar than the first one that appears, redrawing is for you.

Redraw Notes and Warnings

You only get one chance to redraw per pact. When you redraw, you have to keep the second familiar that appears - you won't have the option to go back and take the first familiar, so be careful.
Also note that if ten minutes elapses after the first familiar appears, a pact is automatically made with that familiar and you will not be able to redraw.

Forging more than 10 pacts at once (Copper/Silver Pacts)

When forging more than 10 pacts at one go, only the animations of the top 10 familiars drawn, sorted by rarity, will be played.
You may check the details of all familiars drawn after all animations have finished playing.


An Opportunity

After battle, it's possible to forge a pact with captive foes using your vampire blood. If successful, the captive will join your ranks as a familiar.

Pacts with Captives


An item used to forge pacts with captives. Will always succeed in making a captive your familiar.

Blood Meal

An item used to forge pacts with captives. Found in coffers and reliquaries, and as a reward for clearing a zone. Unlike heartsblood, a blood meal does not assure a successful pact.


Ally Overview

Your warlord's friends within the game.

Adding and Removing

You can send an ally request to other players. You can later remove them from your allies if you wish.

Important Notes

Some players have reported issues arising in connection with gifts. Please be aware that promising to exchange items via the gift system can expose you to undesirable situations. Players should proceed with caution before agreeing to any exchanges.
Keep in mind that any issues arising in such an exchange must be resolved between the players themselves. DeNA will not take part in any disputes that arise between players.
Also note that soliciting real-world money, merchandise, or other property for in-game items, of offering in-game items in exchange for real-world money, merchandise, or other property is in violation of the terms of use and is strictly prohibited.
Anyone found to be taking part in such activities may have their account deleted and their ability to use the service terminated without notice.

The Shop

Shop Overview

Purchasing Items

You can purchase MobaCoin in the shop.

The Bazaar

Bazaar Overview

Players can trade familiars and items on the Bazaar. If you want to trade a new familiar with other player or find the seed you need to evolve a familiar of your own, the Bazaar is the place to go.


Cards You Can Offer

You can only offer familiars with a rarity of rare or higher. You cannot offer any familiars recieved as part of a promotion, or familiars that are currently part of your forces.

Offer Limit and Duration

You can only make five offers per day, with a day lasting from 00:00:00 a.m. to 11:59:59 p.m. (PST). Offers last 48 hours, after which any unsuccessful offers are automatically cancelled. Familiars from cancelled offers can be found in the Bazaar wagon.

Setting Offer Terms

After selecting the familiar you want to offer, you must select the terms of your offer from the following categories: Familiars, Items, Gold, and Shades. You can choose up to three terms, and can even select the same category for all three if you like.

Completed Offers

If another player accepts the terms of your offer within 48 hours, the offer is successful. The familiars, items, etc. specified in the offer terms will appear in your Bazaar wagon, and you will recieve a notification of the successful offer on your Board.

Viewing your Offers

Tap "View My Offers" on the Bazaar Screen to see a list of familiars you've offered. The list includes all accepted and open offers.

Accepting Offers

Searching for Familiars

Tap "Search" on the Bazaar Screen to browse familiars on offer. You can perform two kinds of search: a search for cards you already have, or a search for cards matching specific criteria.

Accepting an Offer

Once you find the card you're looking for, review the terms of the offer. If you can meet all of the terms, you can accept the offer. Even if you can't accept the offer, you can still review the terms. Familiars recieved after accepting an offer can be found in the Bazaar wagon.

Important Notes

  • Familiars on offer still count toward the max you can hold.
  • Any difficulties encountered while using the Bazaar are solely the responsibility of the players, and not DeNA. DeNA encourages players to resolve any problems that may arise between themselves.
  • Offering or requesting cash, goods, or cash equivalents in exchange for familiars or other game items is strictly prohibited. Please be aware that the Bazaar rules are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • If a player is found to have violated any of the preceding rules or guidelines, DeNA may, without notice, take any action it deems necessary to remedy the situation, including, but not limited to, post deletion, account suspension, and account cancellation.

Notice Regarding Trades

Trades such as those involving familiars of drastically different rarity are subject to suspension, and the familiars and items from such trades may be held by DeNA. Familiars and items held in this manner will be distributed by a seperate system upon the completion of the trade.

When familiars/items traded, canceled or expired in Bazaar are missing

Please check with the following list.
Your familiars may be;

  1. Already collected ba "Accept All."
  2. Accepted for a trade and delivered to the other player already.
  3. Removed from your Wagon (You only have 30 days to collect these familiars for General and Social before they are automatically deleted, and 1 day for Temporary Wagon)

Also note that when your offer at Bazaar has expired, there may be some time lag (up to hours) for the familiar to be displayed in your Social Wagon. Also note that Wagon shows only 50 familiars a page. You may find your familiar in the next pages if there are more than 50 familiars stored in Wagon.

(?About leveling up a familiar?)

Familiars that can be recieved via Friend's Invite Promotion, or Promotional Login Gifts are unable to be offered in Bazaar.

Blood-linked Familiars


The Blood-linked Familiars page is used to upgrade the stats, skills, skill level and rarity of your Blood-linked Familiars. The Blood-linked Familiars page can be accessed at "Home > Blood Brothers > Menu > Blood-linked Familiar".

Blood-linked Familiars

Blood-linked Familiars can be obtained in the Blood Crypt by trading in Blood Relics. You may only obtain each Blood-linked Familiar once. Blood-linked Familiars cannot be evolved, empowered, released, traded or sacrificed for its skills. The skill of a Blood-linked Familiar cannot be raised by forming a Blood Brothers bond. Blood-linked Familiars obtained in the Blood Crypt will be placed in your Wagon.

Blood Crypt

The Blood Crypt Exchange is where Blood-linked Familiars and Soul Fragments are sold for Blood Relics. The Blood Crypt Exchange is can be accessed at "Home > Info > Others > Blood Crypt Exchange".

Blood Relics

Blood relics are acquired through taking part in events. Blood relics can be spent in the Blood Crypt on Blood-linked Familiars and Soul Fragments.

Soul Fragments

Blood relics can be exchanged for Soul Fragments, which are used to upgrade your Blood-linked Familiar. Soul fragments obtained from the Blood Crypt will be placed in your Wagon.


The Blood-linked Familiar page consists of two sub-pages: one containing the stats boost tree, and one containing the skills boost tree. You can change sub-pages using the red arrows at the side of the sub-page.

Stats sub-page

The stats sub-page shows the stats upgrade tree, made up of upgrades. Within the tree, you may upgrade your stats, skill level and rarity of your Blood-Linked Familiar. Aside from the first tier of the stat upgrade tree, you can only choose an upgrade if it is connected to a previous tier. Boosting a stat requires both gold and Soul Fragments. The cost of the upgrade is shown on the top of the page. Once you have boosted a stat, upgrades in the next tier below the upgraded stat are unlocked. Certain upgrades provide a larger stat increase than others, depending on the level of blood shown on the upgrade image. You may unboost a boosted stat for a smaller refund by selecting the upgrade, and then pressing Unboost. You cannot unboost a stat if it is linked to a higher tier of upgrades. The only upgrade that is not able to be unboosted is the Double Skill upgrade.

Skill sub-page

This page shows the skills that the Blood-Linked Familiar is able to learn. Skills are boosted in the same way as stats, and require both gold and Soul Fragments to be boosted. Once boosted, skills can be unboosted for a smaller refund. You may learn multiple skills without fully upgrading your first skill (if the familiar has more than 1 skill slot). Boosting and unboosting a skill does not change your current skill level.

The Wagon

Wagon Overview

A wagon sent by an unknown patron.


Check here for rewards, compensation for service difficulties, and other items. You have 30 days to collect these items.


When you can't hold any more of a certain familiar or item, it's stored here. You only have 24 hours to collect these items before they are automatically deleted, so don't wait.
You may also choose to dismiss familiars in the Temporary Wagon instead and collect gold in exchange.


Familiars and items acquired in the Bazaar are placed here, along with familiars from offers that have expired after the 48-hour limit. Gifts sent by allies can also be collected here. All familiars and items are stored for up to 30 days.

Also note that Wagon shows only 50 familiars a page. You may find your familiar in the next pages if there are more than 50 familiars stored in Wagon.


View all the types of familiar you have acquired, sortable by rarity. Tap an acquired familiar to view details.


View your possessions to examine and use any items you've collected. If you can't hold more of a given item, it will be placed in the wagon. Items for use on captives can only be used when forging pacts with captives. Any pact coins you've found will not appear in your list of items, but you can see them on the Pact Screen. Any Blood Seals you possess will also not appear in your item list, but will instead be reflected by the extra number of familiar slots in your inventory.

Item Descriptions


A strange root that grows in the shape of a man. It swiftly multiplies, refilling your energy. Can be used in or out of a zone.

Dried Sage

An herbal preparation crafted by an apothecary. Fully restores the HP of one familiar.


A secret mixture concocted by the alchemists of old. Revives one unconscious familiar.


A sacred tonic that can revive all unconscious familiars and fully restore HP of any others.


Restores 1 point of morale.


Fully restores morale.

Blood Seal

Increases familiar capacity in you inventory by 1.


About Invites

Invite friends who haven't tried Blood Brothers to earn rewards for you and your friends. The more friends you invite, the more rewards you can recieve.

Sending Invites

  1. Send your Invite ID, or..
  2. Tell your friend your Invite ID.
  3. Have your friend input your Invite ID in the game.
  4. You and your friend both recieve presents.
  5. Send enough invites and you can get rarer familiars.

Important Notes

  • You only get one Invite ID. Check your Invite ID from the Info Screen, of by tapping the Invite Banner at the bottom left of the Home Screen. Note: You can only use your Invite ID once.
  • The invited player has three days after starting the game to input your invite ID. A player can only input one Invite ID. After copleting the tutorial, the Invite ID can be input from the Info Screen.
  • The rewards for both players will appear in their wagons.
  • Invites sent between multiple accounts on the same device are not valid.


About your account/MobaCoin(BloodCoin)

You will not lose your progress in Blood Brothers for deleting the game app, as long as you keep your login informaion with you. If you lose your gamername or password, you would need to contact Mobage ( for further assistance.

About cross promotion campaigns

The MobaCoin giveaway campaigns for downloading other game apps are not within our control. Please contact Mobage ( if you need assistance on this matter.

When you forget your gamername or password

Anything related to Mobage account, such as login information (even if you log onto the game via Facebook) and MobaCoin(BloodCoin), is not within our control but Mobage's.
Please contact Mobage ( if you need assistance on this matter.

When the purchased MobaCoin(BloodCoin) are not reflected in your account

Sometimes depending on the Internet/mobile communication situation, the MobaCoin (BloodCoin) data may take some time to be reflected on your account.
If this is not displayed after hours, please consult Mobage (

About our promotional campaign

We do not have any promotional campaign that asks for a player's password. If you encountered such a campaign, it is most likely held by Third Party which is aiming to take advantage of you account information and can lead to your losing your game data, as well as leakage of your personal information. Please avoid aharing your password in any case, even with your family (we do not ask for a password for our campaign or investigation even when needed).

To secure your login information

We ask every player of Blood Brothers to keep their account information safe and we are not responsible anything outside our game. Hence if you lose your login information to anybody even by accident or without knowing, we are unable to offer any support on this issue.
Here are the recommended ways to ensure your account's safety:

  1. Make sure your password is at least 8 characters long and contains a mix of alphanumeric characters and symbols
  2. Keep your password to yourself. Never share it with anyone, even with your family or best friend.
  3. Make sure your Mobage account e-mail address is valid.


When Blood Brothers often freezes or crashes

Please try un-installing and re-installing the game application (Don't forget to keep the login information with you so you can continue the game with all the progress you had).
If the error persists always on the same screen (such as, initializing screen, or you cannot resume on Journey), please email us with your device information and the version of OS on it.

If you are asked to update when the app is updated to the latest version

Please consider the following cases:

  1. You may have left the application download page open with your device browser. If this is the case, please close the page and restart your game again. Make sure to do so every time you finish updating/installing the game as it may cause the issue.
  2. Automatic updates of Blood Brothers on you device may have been activated. We have been confirming sometimes this causes the issue. We recommend you to inactivate the feature on your device, and instead to manually update the game per our notification of doing so. Please consult the service provider or the manufacturer for assistance with how to inactivate it, as it differs by devices.

We have limited control over technical issues

There is very little we can do on our end to resolve technical issues, such as a network connection issue, and also issues with RAM and SD card, which are caused because of your device or the OS. Please consult your service provider or the manufacturer on these.


If you are still unable to find a solution to your issue after reading the Help and Forum pages, please send in your inquiry to the Blood Brothers Support Team.

Please be advised that we can only respond to inquiries in English.

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