Jubilee Pact is a special pact during the Blood Brothers Anniversary Celebration.

List of Events

Featured Familiars

Featured familiars include Epics and Rares that can be evolved.

The featured familiars (PE stats) & their pre-evolutions included:

May 2014

Featured Familiar
Image Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Impregnable Iron Golem Figure Battle-scarred Iron Golem Figure
Impregnable Iron Golem Cruel Swing
22,550 19,330 20,422 7,835 16,900
Special Revived Familiars
Hel, Goddess of Death II Figure Hel, Goddess of Death Figure
Pegasus Knight II Figure Pegasus Knight Figure
Amphisbaena II Figure Amphisbaena Figure
Phantasmal Succubus II Figure Phantasmal Succubus Figure

Other Featured Familiars
Fenrir II Figure Fenrir Figure
Alluring Merrow II Figure Alluring Merrow Figure
Kangana, the Maelstrom II Figure Kangana, the Maelstrom Figure
Gevi, Crystal Troll Master II Figure Gevi, Crystal Troll Master Figure
Gathgoic the Other II Figure Gathgoic the Other Figure
Hollofernyiges II Figure Hollofernyiges Figure
Void Yaksha II Figure Void Yaksha Figure
Jinx-eye Dragon II Figure Jinx-eye Dragon Figure
Zagan II Figure Zagan Figure
Typhon II Figure Typhon Figure
Kalevan, the Forest Green II Figure Kalevan, the Forest Green Figure
Gryla, the Lullaby II Figure Gryla, the Lullaby Figure

Full Details

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