Kushinada, Shamaness II
Kushinada, Shamaness II Figure
Skill Oryza Blade
Pray of Fertility
Evolution Rarity.Legendary 2of2
Max Level 99
Rarity Legendary
PvP Wanted Icon God of Steel, PvP Event 35
Growth Normal
Worth 26,300 Gold
Race Gender Tradable Sacrificable
Gender.F Icon.Gold Icon.Lock
Last Words May others find nourishment in my flesh.
ID 11683
Auto-attack WIS (115% * 1)
Position Independent

Mounted Yes
Base 5,860 3,360 5,020 6,190 5,870
Max 16,100 9,230 13,810 17,030 16,150
PE 17,442 9,999 14,961 18,449 17,496
Note: PE Stats is 2x1*, 4x1* or 8x1*, fully leveled.

Special Information

See our Origins section for information about Kushinada, Shamaness II's origins.


  • Where have you seen Kushinada, Shamaness II?

Evolution Line

  1. Kushinada, Shamaness Figure Kushinada, Shamaness
  2. Kushinada, Shamaness II Figure Kushinada, Shamaness II

Price Discussion

Kushinada, Shamaness II Price Discussion

Other Media

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