Loyalty Pact is a special pact during the 25 Million Download Festival.

How to play

Each Loyalty Coin Loyalty Coin grants you one draw. Your reward is randomly chosen from a limited pool of items and familiars.

Loyalty Coins can be obtained through the 25 Million Festival Gifts, the Special Dungeons 33, the God of Steel event as well as by being a "Blood Lord"!


Rewards Quantity
Steamwork Wyvern Figure Steamwork Wyvern Rarity.Legendary 3
Galatea, Nereid Figure Galatea, Nereid Rarity.Legendary 5
Bergel, Frost Magus Figure Bergel, Frost Magus Rarity.Epic 8
Bai Suzhen, Lady of Scales Figure Bai Suzhen, Lady of Scales Rarity.Epic 8
Paladin of Scorpio Figure Paladin of Scorpio Rarity.Epic 8
Items 234,000
Total Gifts 234,032


Items Quantity
Bugle Bugle x2 30,000
Gjallarhorn Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1 20,000
Truesight Amulet Truesight Amulet x1 1,000
Mandrake Leaf Mandrake Leaf x1 84,000
HP Crystal HP Crystal x3 15,000
ATK Crystal ATK Crystal x3 15,000
DEF Crystal DEF Crystal x3 15,000
WIS Crystal WIS Crystal x3 15,000
AGI Crystal AGI Crystal x3 15,000
Heartsblood Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x1 24,000
Total Presents 234,000

Other Images

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