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  • heyas. not sure you saw my reply to your post on the event page... if u can, plz check and get back to me. ty so much :)

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    • A Blood Brother
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  • Hi there,

    Saw your comments on the Douma page and have just checked on your profile page :), I have a fair few of the project fams that you're looking for at their R1 stage. Listed below if your interested in working some sort of trades?

    All Lvl 1 but can work on levelling up if interested;

    1 x Pazuzu R1
    2 x Fomor R1
    2 x Chaotic Satyr R1
    3 x Sekhmet R1
    3 x Tametomo R1
    4 x Yulia R1
    4 x Cat Sith Snow Sorceror R1
    5 x Siby R1



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    • Hey and thx for checking out my profile :)

      Those "projects" I list on the page are mainly the ones I'm either almost done or have already acquired the necessary R1's. From that list I'm only missing few Fomors - everything else has been sitting in my wagon for ages, lol. And Sekhmet and Siby are already done :)

      Currently I'm thinking of adding few new projects, like CSMM, Madprowl Lynx or other AGI-fams. If you got any of those at R1 - I'd be interested! :)

      What you'd want for those Fomors? Trade to similar valued R1's or something else?

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    • Hey sorry, been away, do you still need the fomor R1s? I'm working on my own POPE projects so cc would be handy.

      If you need them I'll level them to 70 and say 2 hp cc for one and 2 att cc for the second

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    • AGI fams I have are;

      • 1 x Adonis
      • 1 x Alcina
      • 1 x Hercinia
      • 1 xNarmer 2 x Rapse I also have a PE Madprowl Lynx II on my alt account I'm willing to trade if you're interested in that but I know I get greater satisfaction acquiring the required no. of the lowest form and making them myself
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    • Thx for the reply, bud. None of those fams are in my plans for time being. I also started a Lynx project as I want one for my alt AGI-account but don't wanna depart it on my main account as it's the best PvP fam I (think I) got :P

      I was stacking on Adonises too, but landed a pact Doog and bought few more and now got a OPE Doog to buff my AGI-team. It's a killer combo atm:

      POPE Cat Sith Swordswoman, OPE Doog, PE Ghost Ship, LVL143 Golden Lance (GoW3, Syphon & SoJ) and PE Odin which'll be replaced with OPE Lynx or some other killer AGI fam soon :)

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    • A Blood Brother
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