Which one of these is not like the other? Congressional Research Service and Transparency


REVEALED: Dirty secrets, Lies and Rumors

Reveal - To speak about or confess something; to tell (a secret) so that it may become generally known; to divulge a secret - in order to feel better after releasing your burden. To confess, disclose, divulge, expose, reveal, spill, or just get it off my chest.

Why does it matter now? My conscience.

When is it justified to withold information? The cold hard truth can be harmful. If witholding is done with appropriate sensitivity, ethic and tact, there is less harm. It may be justified to withhold truthful information if the person has reason to think that exposing it, or an abundance of it would create a (reasonably predictable) harmful effect. 


I just want to take a moment of my time to say Thank You! Thanks for your feedback, thanks for your contributions, thanks for following my journey, and most of all; Thank You for supporting this wikia. I absolutely love this place and each person that makes it possible. My years during this experience made my life so much better and I have all of you to thank for it.

=====This is my PERSONAL blog, and my own PERSONAL experiences, stories, and memories. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND - this page is not the official OPINION of the blood brothers wikia. Please keep in mind that this is still my personal space, my rules, my responsibility and my way. =====

A final note rewritten (from Camaraderie)

Note: This is an open invitation to discuss this, or any rumors, or anything other than factual game information on this page.

====Not one person that has dedicated endless hours, endless days, endless amounts of their own free time has been compensated from the designers, developers, owners, or any staff involved in Blood Brothers. (Not entirely true... see below.)This Blood Brothers wiki never was considered an "official" wiki, nor an "official" source of game information. This was always the hardest part, Blood Brothers actually put endless effort into deterring our hard work here. And "officially" frowned upon the wikia releasing information acquired before it was scheduled in game. It was a lot of constant tension. That was very much alive and well when I started contributing here. This was a delicate balance for admins, mods, and contributors alike that ethically and morally made it a point to remain legit and trustworthy. Some famously failed miserably along the way. For that I personally worked harder to show what good the work here was for the community. This isn't exactly what is considered common knowledge. But this is what we constantly faced here at the wikia.====


My name is Becca but wikians call me as FordY, from my username. I am somehow still a Mod here, I also founded the BB2 wikia with Spanks. I was a bad hacker for some years in the 90s when an incident turned me straight. I've been exclusively a white hat hacker for 19 years. I have never hacked bb or bb2. Spanks is not my husband although many wikians thought he really was. I had two decent clans of my own (NWO and REP) before getting the exclusive invitation to BOTB (best of the best) and Clan Random. I worked my ass off as a completely free player for 90% of my time playing bb. I was a top pilot, a scam investigator, a mediator, a fam builder, and never betrayed one players account. I intentionally kept the identities of my husband and brother in law a secret for a long time, to earn my own name in game. I have helped hundreds of players, hunted the famous hackers, and even had admin access to the other bbrpg forum where I obtained software, names, history, and information about some of the famous bb hacks. My top PvP team rank is #2, which I did completely legit, no speed hacks, no glitches with the account owner and one other person but I loved towers. I still have 23 accounts including the famous SuckDeez, MoonPetals, xxBIGGRIGGxx

to be continued

Google drive link

So, what did I have that not everyone was privvy to? I uploaded half of it, so far. Not including my personal screen shots and investigations....

I want to warn anyone that follows this link, this took me over 2 years of accumulating, searching, asking, finding, recompiling, decompiling, learning new code, new languages, new ways to bounce servers, even through other games to follow other coders/hackers/thieves that came way before me. And yes, meeting them all, and hearing their stories and keeping safe what I knew if I shared: would be misused. For the record, although there are some shocking things in here.. they all seem so unordinary to me now. I never once misused or manipulated the system no matter what I found. And when near the end I found devastating holes in the base code, security and packeting system, I still tried to get the dev's to care, and tried my best to avoid mass panic throughout the community. We were just doomed from the start honestly. Security wise anyway. I must disclaim that I do own most of the items, code, programs, chats, and etc that is saved here. I agreed to take full responsibility once most of it was turned over to me from several different sources and I won't break that agreement. If there are laws broken, I did it. :) take care, i should update more soon

xoxox ~ b

to be continued

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