Savage Pact are pacts introduced on January 1, 2016. Pacts can be forged with the use of a Gleaming Tooth.

Savage Pact Get Bonus

Pact still valid after event ends

Savage Pact Banner

Featured Familiars

Featured familiars include Mythics, Legendaries, Epics and Rares that can be evolved.

Featured familiars are available at their lowest evolution form (M, L, EP* and R*) only. The mentioned stats are for fully evolved familiars (M**, L***, L**, EP** and EP****), PE.

Featured Familiars
Image Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Fafnir, Fireclad Dragon II Figure Fafnir, Fireclad Dragon Figure
Fafnir, Fireclad Dragon II Greedy Flame 24,462 22,988 20,204 13,542 17,799
Emerald Dragon II Figure Emerald Dragon Figure
Emerald Dragon II Emerald Flame 24,462 23,833 21,331 11,722 17,658
Azi Dahaka II Figure Azi Dahaka Figure
Azi Dahaka II Venomflame 19,825 19,652 19,554 22,349 17,507
Dagon II Figure Dagon Figure
Dagon II The Sea's Fury 22,793 21,515 17,485 19,153 17,658
Gigantopithecus II Figure Gigantopithecus Figure
Gigantopithecus II Primitive Rage 23,660 24,505 21,396 13,444 15,448
Prismatic Wyvern Figure Rainbow Egg Figure
Prismatic Wyvern Spectrum 23,454 13,888 20,432 22,750 17,474
A'shi, Pterorider II Figure A'shi, Pterorider Figure
A'shi, Pterorider II Scorched Earth
17,658 6,489 16,369 20,139 17,853
Aspidochelone, the Iceberg II Figure Aspidochelone, the Iceberg Figure
Aspidochelone, the Iceberg II Iceberg Shell
Ice Shard
20,453 16,553 20,453 16,456 3,900
Rongo, Moai Master II Figure Rongo, Moai Master Figure
Rongo, Moai Master II Fist of Stone
Embrace of Stone
17,507 16,250 16,792 12,762 17,442
Special Revived Familiars
Amethyst Dragon II Figure Amethyst Dragon Figure
Arcanan Emperor II Figure Arcanan Emperor Figure
Arcanan Hanged Man II Figure Arcanan Hanged Man Figure
Blazing Drake Figure Fiery Egg Figure
Gorynich, Snow Dragon II Figure Gorynich, Snow Dragon Figure
Guardian of the Grove II Figure Guardian of the Grove Figure
Lava Dragon II Figure Lava Dragon Figure
Ryaum, Hussar Captain II Figure Ryaum, Hussar Captain Figure
Brine Drake Figure Tidal Egg Figure
Microraptor II Figure Microraptor Figure
Fomor Berserker Figure
Bijan, the Comet Figure Bijan, the Piercer Figure
Bijan, the Piercer II Figure

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