This Familiar shares a name with a Raid Event Boss.
Please see this page for more information.

Sekhmet Aflame II
Sekhmet Aflame II Figure
Skill Torrent of Flame
Evolution Rarity.Epic 4of4
Max Level 99
Rarity Epic
Growth Late Bloomer
Worth 17,950 Gold
Race Gender Tradable Sacrificable
Gender.F Icon.Gold Icon.Unlock
Last Words I will never forget what you have done today.
ID 10258
Auto-attack ATK (100% * 1)
Position Dependent

Base 3,170 4,320 3,500 3,460 3,500
Max 9,970 13,620 11,040 10,860 11,030
PE 11,864 16,115 13,178 12,932 13,158
Note: PE Stats is 2x1*, 4x1* or 8x1*, fully leveled.

Special Information

See our Origins section for information about Sekhmet Aflame II's origins.

See our Tier Lists (PvP, Raid and Tower) for Sekhmet Aflame II's tier.


  • Where have you seen Sekhmet Aflame II?

Evolution Line

  1. Sekhmet Figure Sekhmet
  2. Sekhmet II Figure Sekhmet II
  3. Sekhmet Aflame Figure Sekhmet Aflame
  4. Sekhmet Aflame II Figure Sekhmet Aflame II

Other Media

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