A shard that can be collected by fighting/defeating raid bosses.


A broken shard of unknown material.


Attack a raid boss to get it

Attack Type #Shards
Standard 1
All Out 4-6


If the player collects enough of them they are automatically earned a Crystal at 15 Shards and Special Mission Familiar each at 75 and 200 Shards.

Special Mission Familiar

Event Familiar
Hunt in Darkness The Lonesome Knight Figure The Lonesome Knight
The Keepers Prowling Keeper Figure Prowling Keeper
The Thunderpeak Haokah, the Darkthunder Figure Haokah, the Darkthunder
The Labyrinth Games V Dharva, the Shadowmoon Figure Dharva, the Shadowmoon
Mist of Nightmares Alp, the Dead of Night Figure Alp, the Dead of Night
The Predators Skrimsl, Crystal Eternal Figure Skrimsl, Crystal Eternal
Desert Jewels Onyx Roc Figure Onyx Roc
The Band of Blood Marcus, Blood Warrior Figure Marcus, Blood Warrior
Fields of Flame Surtr the Ashen Figure Surtr the Ashen
Angels of Desire Xaphan, the Shadow Wing Figure Xaphan, the Shadow Wing
Serpents and Thunder Jormungandr, the Plague Figure Jormungandr, the Plague
The Savage Desert Set, the Shadowstorm Figure Set, the Shadowstorm
The Stolen Sun Kua Fu, the Eclipse Figure Kua Fu, the Eclipse
Sea of Death Wandering Ghost Ship Figure Wandering Ghost Ship
Demons of the Simoon Pazuzu, the Fiery One Figure Pazuzu, the Fiery One
Death from the Skies Vucub Caquix, the Dark Wing Figure Vucub Caquix, the Dark Wing
The Cursed Castle Figgo, Torturer Figure Figgo, Torturer
Winds of War Okypete, the Night Breeze Figure Okypete, the Night Breeze
Fatescale Festival Agathos, the Ruinous Figure Agathos, the Ruinous
Isle of the Ogres Onra, Ogre of Darkness Figure Onra, Ogre of Darkness


Shadow Shards have been first introduced during the Hunt in Darkness raid boss event as a special mission.

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