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Special Information

  • This is the first event to reward EP4 dual skill familiar.


Three towers stand silent watch over the wilds of Western Midlands. A dreadful foe dwells within, seeking to trap those seeking umbrage in the twisting passages of the towers in order to sacrifice them.
  — In-game 

Event Points

SD22 Vault Door
Earn points during this event by defeating foes and bosses in the event areas. You can also earn points by capturing them. Rare rewards awaits those who earns enough points! The more points the better!

Tower Coins

Completing the tenth floor on the "Knight's Tower" section of the dungeons will give you three "Tower Coins" which, in return, allows you access to the "Vault of Trials" section of the dungeons once per three coins spent.



Hoska, Ballista Soldier x1 will be rewarded at 400,000 event points.

Scarlet Coin x1 will be rewarded at 800,000 event points.

SD24 Rewards

Daily Login Bonus

During the Event, the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Day Bonus June 13 till June 17
Day 1 Silver Coins x10 TowerLogin24
Day 2 Dried Sage x3
Day 3 Mandrake Leaf x3
Day 4

Blood Meals x10

Vault Information

Vault Boss Points Min/Max
Battle 1

Tower Boss

Battle 2

Tower Boss

Battle 3

Tower Boss

Battle 4

Tower Boss

Battle 5

Random Rare

Battle 6

Random Legendary

Total Pts
No Capture 6,090 Pts 9,730 Pts 13,370 Pts 17,010 Pts
  • 18,200 Pts (Iamek)
  • 25,540 Pts (Camael, Grendel, Oedipus)
36,540 Pts 108,280 Pts
Heartsblood Capture 18,270 Pts 29,190 Pts 40,110 Pts 51,030 Pts
  • 54,600 Pts (Iamek)
  • 76,620 Pts (Camael, Grendel, Oedipus)
251,760 Pts


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