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The event awarded points to players who defeated and captured foes and bosses in the event areas.

SD31 Sanctum DoorThe Sanctum of the Fallen

The Sanctum of the Fallen was only accessible by collecting 3 Sanctum Keys, which were obtained by defeating Lachesis, the Measurer in the "Vault of Trials".


Soulstones were acquired by "capturing" Botis, Dasher of Hopes in "Sanctum of the Fallen" using Heartsbloods or Blood Meals. 15 Soulstones could be traded in the Soulwell for a Botis, Dasher of Hopes; this could be done up to 8 times. After the event, unused Soulstones and Sanctum Keys were converted to Elixirs.


Capturable Rare Bosses:

Non-Capturable Bosses

Points Calculation

Sanctum Points Min/Max
Battle 1 Battle 2 Battle 3 Battle 4 Battle 5 Battle 6 Battle 7 Total Pts
Group Size 3 5 4 5 3
Enemies 1 Paladin 2 Paladins 3 Paladins 4 Paladins 2 Paladins + Deimos 3 Legendaries EP1 Reward
No Capture 27,200 Pts 49,760 Pts 75,520 Pts 96,000 Pts 120,000 Pts 134,400 Pts 82,680 Pts 585,560 Pts
Heartsblood Capture N/A 236,112 Pts 738,992 Pts

SD31 Vault Door Vault of Trials

3 Tower Coins allowed a single entrance into the "Vault of Trials" section of the dungeons. The Tower Coins were earned by:

  • Completing the 10th floor on the Knight's Tower for three Tower Coins;
  • Opening the wooden chest found before the 7th encounter in the Vault of Trials; and
  • Completing the Vault of Trials after doing so once, which could be done repeatedly.


Capturable Bosses

Non-Capturable Bosses

Points Calculation

Vault Boss Points Min/Max
Battle 1 Battle 2 Battle 3 Battle 4 Battle 5 Battle 6 Battle 7 Total Pts
Enemy Tower Boss Random Rare Legendary Reward 3 Legendary Bosses
No Capture 6,210 Pts 9,870 Pts 13,530 Pts 17,190 Pts 26,640 Pts 43,520 Pts 62,000 / 75,200 Pts 192,160 Pts
Heartsblood Capture 18,630 Pts 29,610 Pts 40,590 Pts 51,570 Pts 79,920 Pts 339,040 Pts

Vault Run Formula
Possible Runs = Tower Coins - 2

Check out the Online Vault Run Calculator for a tabular form of this calculation.



A Scarlet Coin was awarded to players reaching 800,000 event points, and a Heartsblood was awarded to players reaching 1,200,000 event points.

Wereheart Shards and Beastheart Shards are rewarded at the following event point levels:

Wereheart Shard Beastheart Shard

Special Dungeons 31 Rewards

Daily Login Bonus

During the Event, players earned various bonuses for logging in.

Day Bonus January 9 till January 13
Day 1 Dried Sage x3 SD31 tower login
Day 2 Wereheart Shard x3
Day 3 Mandrake Leaf x2
Day 4 Tower Coins x3


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