Springs Bounty Bonus

Every tier rewards a varying number of Easter Egg Easter Eggs and Presents. Each set of 10 Easter Eggs can be used to draw one of the featured familiars in Spoils of the Spring Hunt.


The pact contains of seven tiers. Each one has to be drawn only once in order to advance to the next one. The last tier can be repeated indefinitely.

Tier Cost Number of Pacts Base rate increase Drop rate
Tier 1 100 1 pact

(Bonus:Easter Egg x3 + Present x1)

x0 0.1%
Tier 2 300 2 pacts

(Bonus:Easter Egg x2 + Present x1)

x2 0.2%
Tier 3 500 3 pacts

(Bonus: Easter Egg x3 + Present x2 + A guarantee of one EP or L familiar. It's possible to obtain L familiars other than It's possible to obtain L familiars other than Goliath, Heavy Knight.)

x3 0.3%
Tier 4 1000 4 pacts

(Bonus: Easter Egg x5 + Present x2)

x4 0.4%
Tier 5 1800 5 pacts

(Bonus: Easter Egg x10 + Present x3 + Gryla, the Lullaby Figure Gryla, the Lullaby Rarity.Epic x1 Guaranteed.)

x7 0.7%
Tier 6 3000 7 pacts

(Bonus: Easter Egg x12 + Present x3 + A guarantee of one L familiar. You will get 1 of 3 specific familiars.)
Arcanan Justice Figure Arcanan Justice Rarity.Legendary
Seimei, Onmyoji Figure Seimei, Onmyoji Rarity.Legendary
Kekro, Demiwyrm Magus Figure Kekro, Demiwyrm Magus Rarity.Legendary

x8 0.8%
Tier 7 5000 or 2500 12 pacts

(Bonus: Easter Egg x20 + Present x4) or 6 pacts (Bonus: Easter Egg x8 + Present x2)

x12 1.2%

Featured Familiars

Featured familiars include Epics and Rares that can be evolved.

Featured Familiar
Image Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Goliath, Titanic Warden Figure Goliath, Heavy Knight Figure
Goliath, Titanic Warden Cry of Triumph
Rock Smasher
23,270 20,945 18,970 14,785 11,495
Special Revived Familiars
Dauntless Justice Figure Arcanan Justice Figure
Arcanan Justice II Figure
Captain Kidd II Figure Captain Kidd Figure
Svadilfari II Figure Svadilfari Figure
Arcanan High Priestess II Figure Arcanan High Priestess Figure

Other Featured Familiars
Microraptor II Figure Microraptor Figure
Djinn of the Lamp II Figure Djinn of the Lamp Figure
Arcanan Daemon II Figure Arcanan Daemon Figure
Brang Two-Heads II Figure Brang Two-Heads Figure


Goliath, Heavy Knight Figure Goliath, Heavy Knight Rarity.Legendary x1
Arcanan Justice Figure Arcanan Justice Rarity.Legendary x1
Circe, Fallen Heroine Figure Circe, Fallen Heroine Rarity.Epic x1
Gjallarhorn Gjallarhorn x2
Mandrake Mandrake x2
Heartsblood Heartsblood x1
Gjallarhorn Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1
Mandrake Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1
Panacea Panacea x1
Bugle Bugle x2
Mandrake Leaf Mandrake Leaf x2
Blood Seal Blood Seal x1

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