Summer Campaign is a mini-event for the summer season first launched on July 27th, 2013. The mini-event involves several parts, including pacts.


This 2015 edition of Summer Campaign consists of 3 parts:

  1. Forge Tropical Season Pact to get "Hibiscus" as bonuses and take part in "Daily Lucky Draw" with amazing chance to get Mythic and Legendary familiars!
  2. Collect Helios Coins to exchange for awesome Familiars and items from Helios' Loot!
  3. Amazing "Summer Campaign Login Bonus"

Login Bonus

During the Event, the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Day Bonus May 4 till May 30
Day 1 Hibiscus x9 Summer Campaign 2015 Login Bonus
Day 2 Mandrake Leaf x3
Day 3 Elixir x5
Day 5 Heartsblood (Bloodbound)
Day 8 Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound)
Day 12 Mandrake (Bloodbound)
Day 15 Blood Relic x15


This 2013 edition of Summer Campaign involves sending notifications to inactive players to entice them to return. By sending push notifications to inactive players, players receive Copper-Sun Coins, Silver-Sun Coins, Gold-Sun Coins and Platinum-Sun Coins to be used in Seasonal Pact.

Push Notifications

Each player can send five messages each day.

Send push notifications to call back your inactive allies and other players and get event rewards.

Number of messages Rewards
Each Message Copper-DL Coin x1
Each 15 Messages Silver-DL Coin x1
Each 75 Messages Gold-DL Coin x1
Each 90 Messages Platinum-Sun Coin x1

Players receiving the push notification receive familiars and other items upon returning.

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