Summer Campaign Daily Lucky Draw is a mini-event part of Tropical Season Pact and Summer Campaign.

Using Hibiscuses obtained from forging Tropical Season Pact, players can enter the Summer Campaign Daily Lucky Draw and have a chance at getting various familiars.

How to play

"Hibiscuses" are awarded as bonuses when you make purchases in Tropical Season Pact. You can use "Hibiscus" to enter the Lucky Draw pool everyday to get chance to obtain Isabella, Crimson Knight and other powerful familiars!

  • Forge Tropical Season Pact to get Hibiscus Hibiscuses.
  • Use 10 Hibiscuses to enter each day's Lucky Draw pool and get 1 more chance per 10 Hibiscuses used. You can use up to 50 Hibiscuses per day!
  • The winners will be chosen from each day's Lucky Draw pool to receive Lucky Draw prizes! The results will be announced in the next day.
  • Remaining Hibiscuses will be discarded after August 27th 1:00 AM (PT).

Lucky Draw Prizes

10 prizes will be awarded to 10 winners every day.

Prizes Number of Winners
Isabella, Crimson Knight Figure Isabella, Crimson Knight Rarity.Legendary x1 1 Player
He Qiong, the Transcendent Figure He Qiong, the Transcendent Rarity.Mythic x1 1 Player
Melek, the Black Peacock Figure Melek, the Black Peacock Rarity.Legendary x1 1 Player
Phantasmal Succubus Figure Phantasmal Succubus Rarity.Legendary x1 1 Player
Hypnos, Lord of Dreams Figure Hypnos, Lord of Dreams Rarity.Legendary x1 1 Player
Circe, Fallen Heroine Figure Circe, Fallen Heroine Rarity.Epic x1 1 Player
Kalevan, the Forest Green Figure Kalevan, the Forest Green Rarity.Epic x1 2 Players
Ettin Figure Ettin Rarity.Epic x1 2 Players

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