This Familiar shares a name with a Raid Event Boss.
Please see this page for more information.

The Lonesome Knight II
The Lonesome Knight II Figure
Skill Slashing Blade
Evolution Rarity.Epic 2of2
Max Level 99
Rarity Epic
Growth Normal
Worth 17,370 Gold
Race Gender Tradable Sacrificable
Gender.M Icon.Gold Icon.Unlock
Last Words My shadow returns at last...
ID 20787
Auto-attack ATK (100% * 1)
Position Dependent

Base 3,360 4,150 3,110 3,050 3,700
Max 7,840 9,700 7,250 7,120 8,620
PE 8,493 10,508 7,854 7,713 9,338
Note: PE Stats is 2x1*, 4x1* or 8x1*, fully leveled.

Special Information

There is a Normal Version of this familiar with different stats and skill.


  • Where have you seen The Lonesome Knight II?

Evolution Line

  1. The Lonesome Knight Figure The Lonesome Knight
  2. The Lonesome Knight II Figure The Lonesome Knight II

Other Media

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