The Witch's Kitchen is a mini-event part of the Halloween Campaign.

Take part in The Unquiet Manor, God of Steel, PvP Event 38 and World Battle Tournament 15 to obtain Coven's Coins to obtain Special Familiars and Items.


You just couldn't resist entering that house made of candy... now you find yourself trapped in the kitchen, and something's bubbling in the corner. You take a closer look... and find that the cauldron is actually full of treasure!

How To Play

The Witch's Kitchen How To Play

Coven's Coin can be obtained from The Unquiet Manor, the God of Steel event, and the World Battle Tournament during October! Use Coven's Coin to obtain Special Familiars and Items from "The Witch's Cauldron"!

There are six ingredients available for The Witch's Cauldron.

  1. Use 1 Coven's Coin to pick one ingredient from a random selection of three.
  2. After picking three ingredients, stir the mixture and receive your Mystery Rewards.

The Witch's Cauldron Ingredients

Poison apples will increase your chances of getting good rewards!
Figure out the formula of the mixture to get the best reward!

The witch's cauldron is only valid until 11/1 1:00 am (PT)

Mystery Rewards

It is possible to obtain the same reward more than once.

Featured familiars are available at their lowest evolution form (L*, EP* and R*) only. The mentioned stats are for the fully evolved familiar (EP**), PE.

Featured Familiar
Image Familiar Skill HP ATK DEF WIS AGI
Baba Yaga II Figure Baba Yaga Figure
Baba Yaga II Witch's Mallet
Pumpkin Victuals
14,148 4,463 13,249 18,547 16,846
Special Revived Familiars
Djinn of the Lamp II Figure Djinn of the Lamp Figure
Garuda II Figure Garuda Figure
Ankou, Harbinger of Death II Figure Ankou, Harbinger of Death Figure
Ruprecht the Punisher II Figure Ruprecht the Punisher Figure
Jack, the Rusty II Figure Jack, the Reaper Figure
Jack, the Reaper II Figure
Jack, the Rusty Figure

Other Featured Familiars
Astaroth, Duke of Fear II Figure Astaroth Figure
Astaroth II Figure
Astaroth, Duke of Fear Figure


Bugle x3


Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x2


Mandrake (Bloodbound) x2


Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x1


Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1


Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1


Bugle x1


Mixtures below cannot guaranteed to be 100% correct. Use these combinations at your own risk. Confirm the results in comment section if possible.

Reward Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3
Baba Yaga Apple Apple Apple
Garuda Apple Apple Bat
Baba Yaga Apple Apple Frog
Garuda Apple Apple Lizard
Baba Yaga Apple Apple Roach
Baba Yaga Apple Apple Spider
Ankou, Harbinger of Death Apple Bat Apple
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1 Apple Bat Bat
Ruprecht the Punisher Apple Bat Frog
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1 Apple Bat Lizard
Jack, the Reaper Apple Bat Roach
Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x1 Apple Bat Spider
Baba Yaga Apple Frog Apple
Astaroth Apple Frog Bat
Baba Yaga Apple Frog Frog
Astaroth Apple Frog Lizard
Baba Yaga Apple Frog Roach
Garuda Apple Frog Spider
Djinn of the Lamp Apple Lizard Apple
Jack, the Reaper Apple Lizard Bat
Ruprecht the Punisher Apple Lizard Frog
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1 Apple Lizard Lizard
Jack, the Reaper Apple Lizard Roach
Astaroth Apple Lizard Spider
Baba Yaga Apple Roach Apple
Jack, the Reaper Apple Roach Bat
Baba Yaga Apple Roach Frog
Jack, the Reaper Apple Roach Lizard
Djinn of the Lamp Apple Roach Roach
Astaroth Apple Roach Spider
Baba Yaga Apple Spider Apple
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x2 Apple Spider Bat
Djinn of the Lamp Apple Spider Frog
Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x1 Apple Spider Lizard
Ruprecht the Punisher Apple Spider Roach
Jack, the Reaper Apple Spider Spider
Baba Yaga Bat Apple Apple
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1 Bat Apple Bat
Garuda Bat Apple Frog
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1 Bat Apple Lizard
Astaroth Bat Apple Roach
Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x1 Bat Apple Spider
Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x1 Bat Bat Apple
Bugle x1 Bat Bat Bat
Bugle x1 Bat Bat Frog
Bugle x1 Bat Bat Lizard
Bugle x1 Bat Bat Roach
Bugle x1 Bat Bat Spider
Garuda Bat Frog Apple
Bugle x1 Bat Frog Bat
Astaroth Bat Frog Frog
Bugle x1 Bat Frog Lizard
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x2 Bat Frog Roach
Bugle x1 Bat Frog Spider
Bugle x1 Bat Lizard Apple
Bugle x1 Bat Lizard Bat
Bugle x1 Bat Lizard Frog
Bugle x1 Bat Lizard Lizard
Bugle x1 Bat Lizard Roach
Bugle x1 Bat Lizard Spider
Astaroth Bat Roach Apple
Bugle x1 Bat Roach Bat
Bugle x3 Bat Roach Frog
Bugle x1 Bat Roach Lizard
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1 Bat Roach Roach
Bugle x1 Bat Roach Spider
Bugle x3 Bat Spider Apple
Bugle x1 Bat Spider Bat
Bugle x3 Bat Spider Frog
Bugle x1 Bat Spider Lizard
Bugle x1 Bat Spider Roach
Bugle x1 Bat Spider Spider
Baba Yaga Frog Apple Apple
Astaroth Frog Apple Bat
Baba Yaga Frog Apple Frog
Astaroth Frog Apple Lizard
Baba Yaga Frog Apple Roach
Garuda Frog Apple Spider
Garuda Frog Bat Apple
Bugle x1 Frog Bat Bat
Astaroth Frog Bat Frog
Bugle x1 Frog Bat Lizard
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x2 Frog Bat Roach
Bugle x1 Frog Bat Spider
Baba Yaga Frog Frog Apple
Jack, the Reaper Frog Frog Bat
Baba Yaga Frog Frog Frog
Jack, the Reaper Frog Frog Lizard
Djinn of the Lamp Frog Frog Roach
Astaroth Frog Frog Spider
Garuda Frog Lizard Apple
Bugle x1 Frog Lizard Bat
Astaroth Frog Lizard Frog
Bugle x1 Frog Lizard Lizard
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x2 Frog Lizard Roach
Bugle x1 Frog Lizard Spider
Baba Yaga Frog Roach Apple
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x2 Frog Roach Bat
Djinn of the Lamp Frog Roach Frog
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x2 Frog Roach Lizard
Ruprecht the Punisher Frog Roach Roach
Jack, the Reaper Frog Roach Spider
Djinn of the Lamp Frog Spider Apple
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1 Frog Spider Bat
Ruprecht the Punisher Frog Spider Frog
Bugle x1 Frog Spider Lizard
Jack, the Reaper Frog Spider Roach
Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x1 Frog Spider Spider
Ankou, Harbinger of Death Lizard Apple Apple
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1 Lizard Apple Bat
Garuda Lizard Apple Frog
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1 Lizard Apple Lizard
Astaroth Lizard Apple Roach
Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x1 Lizard Apple Spider
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1 Lizard Bat Apple
Bugle x1 Lizard Bat Bat
Bugle x1 Lizard Bat Frog
Bugle x1 Lizard Bat Lizard
Bugle x1 Lizard Bat Roach
Bugle x1 Lizard Bat Spider
Garuda Lizard Frog Apple
Bugle x1 Lizard Frog Bat
Astaroth Lizard Frog Frog
Bugle x1 Lizard Frog Lizard
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x2 Lizard Frog Roach
Bugle x1 Lizard Frog Spider
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1 Lizard Lizard Apple
Bugle x1 Lizard Lizard Bat
Bugle x1 Lizard Lizard Frog
Bugle x1 Lizard Lizard Lizard
Bugle x1 Lizard Lizard Roach
Bugle x1 Lizard Lizard Spider
Astaroth Lizard Roach Apple
Bugle x1 Lizard Roach Bat
Astaroth Lizard Roach Frog
Bugle x1 Lizard Roach Lizard
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1 Lizard Roach Roach
Bugle x1 Lizard Roach Spider
Bugle x3 Lizard Spider Apple
Bugle x1 Lizard Spider Bat
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1 Lizard Spider Frog
Bugle x1 Lizard Spider Lizard
Bugle x1 Lizard Spider Roach
Bugle x1 Lizard Spider Spider
Baba Yaga Roach Apple Apple
Jack, the Reaper Roach Apple Bat
Baba Yaga Roach Apple Frog
Astaroth Roach Apple Lizard
Djinn of the Lamp Roach Apple Roach
Jack, the Reaper Roach Apple Spider
Astaroth Roach Bat Apple
Bugle x1 Roach Bat Bat
Bugle x3 Roach Bat Frog
Bugle x1 Roach Bat Lizard
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1 Roach Bat Roach
Bugle x1 Roach Bat Spider
Baba Yaga Roach Frog Apple
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x2 Roach Frog Bat
Djinn of the Lamp Roach Frog Frog
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x2 Roach Frog Lizard
Ruprecht the Punisher Roach Frog Roach
Jack, the Reaper Roach Frog Spider
Astaroth Roach Lizard Apple
Bugle x1 Roach Lizard Bat
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x2 Roach Lizard Frog
Bugle x1 Roach Lizard Lizard
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1 Roach Lizard Roach
Bugle x1 Roach Lizard Spider
Djinn of the Lamp Roach Roach Apple
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1 Roach Roach Bat
Ruprecht the Punisher Roach Roach Frog
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1 Roach Roach Lizard
Jack, the Reaper Roach Roach Roach
Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x1 Roach Roach Spider
Garuda Roach Spider Apple
Bugle x1 Roach Spider Bat
Astaroth Roach Spider Frog
Bugle x1 Roach Spider Lizard
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x2 Roach Spider Roach
Bugle x1 Roach Spider Spider
Baba Yaga Spider Apple Apple
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x2 Spider Apple Bat
Djinn of the Lamp Spider Apple Frog
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x2 Spider Apple Lizard
Ruprecht the Punisher Spider Apple Roach
Jack, the Reaper Spider Apple Spider
Jack, the Reaper Spider Bat Apple
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1 Spider Bat Bat
Ruprecht the Punisher Spider Bat Frog
Bugle x1 Spider Bat Lizard
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x2 Spider Bat Roach
Jack, the Reaper Spider Bat Spider
Djinn of the Lamp Spider Frog Apple
Bugle x1 Spider Frog Bat
Ruprecht the Punisher Spider Frog Frog
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1 Spider Frog Lizard
Jack, the Reaper Spider Frog Roach
Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x1 Spider Frog Spider
Astaroth Spider Lizard Apple
Jack, the Reaper Spider Lizard Bat
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x1 Spider Lizard Frog
Astaroth Spider Lizard Lizard
Mandrake (Bloodbound) x1 Spider Lizard Roach
Jack, the Reaper Spider Lizard Spider
Garuda Spider Roach Apple
Bugle x1 Spider Roach Bat
Astaroth Spider Roach Frog
Jack, the Reaper Spider Roach Lizard
Gjallarhorn (Bloodbound) x2 Spider Roach Roach
Heartsblood (Bloodbound) x1 Spider Roach Spider
Astaroth Spider Spider Apple
Bugle x1 Spider Spider Bat
Djinn of the Lamp Spider Spider Frog
Bugle x1 Spider Spider Lizard
Bugle x1 Spider Spider Roach
Bugle x1 Spider Spider Spider

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