• So, this event is the first for me and I was wondering what exactly happens during a SRB.

    • Is it like with a regular boss (but with more HP)? Or is it a totally different thing?
    • Will we face Managarmr Frost Touch II? Or is it another boss?

    Thanks if you can tell me more about it.

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    • Pretty much same thing, but roll in TONS more health.    Also tons more exp. So save your moral for them when they are about.

      I forget if its an evolv (II) or a new one tho.  I want to say a new one, but can't swear to it

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    • SRB is a high charged hour of everybody helping everybody. You can choose one of two roles.

      MVP: Be the player who does millions of damage to the boss and net yourself 20k points per boss.

      Tagger: Hit and share as many raid bosses that you can during the hour. Netting 1k per boss.

      Its a bit harder to be the MVP as you need a lot of the elites for the raid.

      While the "Phantoms" generally net you more points, there is no gaurentee that they will die. Often leaving you with wasted resources. I have never seen an SRB fail. It has unlimited shares.

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    • Stonedog81 called it well.   I do the "tagging" since it only costs a buggle and its 1200ish points.  But for the same 1 buggle, if you see a Ma... TOUCH show up, nail that guy first.  Its 3800-4200 points.

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    • SRB's point value goes up through the event. On like the last like two days I think it even reaches 2k pts.

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    • yeah, every event has a bonus points at the last 2 days.   PVP, Tower (capture bonus), Boss (points awarded).

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    • SRB is netting 2k points on this, the last day of the event. (Godfather voice)

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    • A Blood Brother
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