• For the experts out there, I need advice regarding my AGI Team. During the last God of Steel event, I managed to reach 12 wins just by using 1 bugle per fight and fighting brigades with familiars that I recognize. Anyway, here is my team: Mauthe-Lanvall-GL(GOW3, SoJ, Siphon)-Lanvall-Mauthe. Reserve: Girtablilu-Artemisia-Baklus-Artemisia-Girtablilu.  I used the 5-Wave formation.

    Questions: How will I improve my team?

    How do you know that a familiar is faster than the other, by their AGI?

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    • You can improve your team by removing both of your Mauthe since a single Agi buff is enough to support your team's survivability. What's your budget by the way? I can't seem to estimate it just by looking at your team. 

      And yes, they base a familiar's capability of outspeeding a fam by their agility.

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    • If I remove both mauthes and GL does not cast his buff, will he be able to OHKO from his mid position? From my observation, Lanvalls with 3 buffs of GOWs will OHKO some fams. They take 2 hits to kill with  1 or 2 buffs. The rest will be picked up by the mauthes. That happens if atleast 2 of the mid and front fams proc. If not, I expect both mauthes and 1 lanvall to die. The other lanvall is barely alive due to siphon from GL. What if I replace both mauthes with something that reduces damage taken?

      Currently, I have 5 R* Rapse and planning to get 8R* ASK after this event. I wasted my budget by buying pacts that give crap fams so maybe I will stick to buying Ghorns next time. Other than buying, any idea how some players get 200+ Ghorns?

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    • Do take into account that 3 buffs proccing only happens 34.3% of the time meaning to say it's not able to do so in most cases. Also, by dercreasing your potential attackers, you're also decresing the probability of an attacking skill proccing and a single attacking skill can make the odds of winning the battle in your favor. The less the buffers, but the more the attaackers, the better, but do take note that you should have at least a single buff for your team to be a effective. Don't be so warry about GL not proccing its opening skill since it only happens 30% of the time. 

      Def buffs will not help you team since your team already relies on agility and that's enouhg to sustain your team's needs assuming that's what you meant when you said a skill that reduces damage.

      You might want to sell your Rapse and Lanvall for extra budget as well. Get yourself an Ioskeha, a Mathilda, and a Griffin. Change your formation to Math-Griffin-Ioskeha-GL-Lanvall in Shield formation. If you can get another Math, then replace Ios with her and change your formaiton to GL-Math-Griffin-Math-Lanval in Shield Formation as a well.

      For your reserves, replace both of your Girts and your Baklus with 3 Fomors. But if you can't get 3 Fomors for now, at least get 1 to replace Baklus.

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    • If you focusing in PvP the best thing to do is to get at least one montu ,about the mixed agi/att team i dont recomend it cause when i tryed it myself didnt work.Rapse is a gr8 fam if you manage to get 3 more you need i estimate that he will be able to OHKO most of the fams even from back row when buffed since im still evolving my POPE rapse thats a thing to see in currrent brig (montu-tawi-RS with GoW3-lanvall-montu) did well in last pvp got 1.3 title ranked under 5K even tho im disappointed with my RSs buff....for back row as Arcenoxz said fomors work well.

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    • Thanks for your input guys. I was talking about the buff from fams like hippogriff (blade ward, bulwark, breath ward). Do they even stack with one another?

      I'll try gathering enough fomors for the next events.

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    • That's what I meant by "Def Buffs" and Ward Skills (Def buffs) do not stack with each other.

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    • A Blood Brother
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