• This is the Team C Raid Area. Request alliance on the Recruiting Thread

    Team Members
    * Please check the WWW Google doc for the updated list of members.

    Required Points & Allies

    You need at least a minimum of 300k shared points. Any lower may result in demotion.

    Please use the WWW Declaration Thread to declare your team and organize your individual allies on this thread.

    If you don't declare for an event please use the purple/grey flame logo or inform your teammates about potential lower performance before accepting requests. Thanks!

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    • Team C!

      -> craptastic16

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    • Let's go! Team C for me

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    • Team C

      IGN : chrisydcox

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    • I'm on Team V but will definitely share at least team C requirement.

      So if you need to fill ally spaces you can send me an invite :)

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    • Same as Swinkel for me

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    • Id like to ally up! I am rankes 1200 at the moment

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    • Unless Team C gets more interest I'll be going Team V in future raids... Sweating for 300k when there are so few now running is not fun.

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    • Ok - 5 hours to go...

      Points from www members as follows

      Dimkask34 6636144 shared 534816

      -doombringer- 4938728 shared 401121

      AttackerofTexel2 1342211 shared 134098

      And that's it.... I don't think any of these declared for Team C anyway...

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    • No one did, new thread this time around not many in team C or B. May be due to reward, simply taking a break or whatever else but you should look at the team before joining from nwo on. Hopefully you werent aiming for anything huge seeing as you were low on teammates.

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    • Oh I had teammates, but I deliberately invited www first so lost out on some good allies as I delayed accepting(requesting) from my non-www allies. By going Team V I won't feel obliged to give www members first option next raid. In fact dimkask and doombringer were my two highest sharing allies - and I would have asked them anyway.

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    • With regard to the amount of people in team B, a lot of guys tried out chasing with Team A.

      I have no idea why the interest in Team C was so limited. The only reason I can think of is because of Dena ruining the BB economy by making everything bloodbound. As a result the R rewards are not worth even 1 GH anymore.

      I might just as well have chosen team C because when I have Team C allies I want to make sure I reach their target :P

      With 3,5 hours to go:

      Toughlilpony 187.052.326 shared 8.906.604 (WOW, you sure are one TOUGH lil pony :)

      chrisydocs 9.409.705 shared 546.752

      Hrqls 9.015.290 shared 530.526

      dimkask34 6.636.144 shared 534.816

      BioOz 3.718.628 shared 339.892

      herlambang99 2.323.036 shared 208.088

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    • Thanks for that swinkel - I wondered how well I had done.

      I'm not interested in Team B as it's too much of a commitment, I like Team C but by declaring I feel obliged to give give www players a chance to accept my ally request before accepting the requests I get from non-www players. The delay in accepting these non-www requests means that the more reliable allies are often full, so I have no option but to accept less reliable allies - this then means I end up with a lower points from my allies. If I go Team V, then I can choose players I know to be reliable from past events - www or not.

      It's a shame as I love the whole idea behind this scheme - but at least for Team C it no longer seems to be working.

      I have spaces for allies if anyone wishes to send me a request

      IGN chrisydcox (not chrisydocs)

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    • Another option is if there are too few declerations for Team C at the of the start of the event, only prioritise these declared team C members and just fill the rest with reliable players (no matter if they are www or non-www). 

      Since prices have go down I didn't really feel rewarded after my last 4 L chases for the effort that it costs. Together with my busy time schedule team C and Team V suit me perfectly. I hope you will give Team C another chance. I like the concept as well and hope with next couple events more people will join us... 

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    • I have limited time lately (new function at work, busy family time, nice summer weather) .. so i never know how much i will share .. and i cant promise anything

      thats why join team V a lot lately .. i love the feeling of not being obliged (too many obligations already irl) .. but somehow i always share team C or sometimes even team B points

      I always accept WWW members first (just because 90% of my normal allies are from WWW :)) but fill the remaining spots with non WWW some hours after the events started

      being in team V also means that my allies are not obliged to share anything, but sometimes some wicked players show up (i wont call any names toughlilpony) to give a funny final ranking, even when half of my allies are farming (as they said they do)

      so if you want to join team V, you are most welcome, but you should not do it to gain more shared points, as team V doesnt promise anything, and might be very irregular for the shared points

      you can always send me an ally request of course, and i will always accept, but keep in mind that i am in team V :-)

      we in team V play in the memory of CorinCrow ... or something like that ... hmm maybe we need a slogan ;-)

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    • Hrqls would sure make a good captain of Team V :o) 

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    • I was sleepy and forgot to note the shared points from my allies. Thank you bc I finished at 1635, with +150 bugles and playing casually.

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    • @Swinkel : i would be honored :-)

      but first explain me my duties to see if it fits in my Vamily time schedule ;-)

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    • Lol, Hrqls - considering we are allies in not just BB u know I will always invite/accept you whatever team you declare. I just didn't get my request to you fast enough this time - you were already full.

      I'll continue playing as hard as I have already done, but last raid I forgot to declare ally shares - and no-one else even apologised. This time, no Team C player even asked me, just some Team V - even tho 2 of them shared fantastic points! Last tower one of the declared Team C players hardly contributed, and ive noticed that he hasn't logged in since. Possibly his phone broke and he couldn't log in. Again that meant I lost out on a "good" ally. I'll continue declaring for Team C, but in future I'll just give www members a shorter window before I accept alternate invites...

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    • @Ktilqr I was damn sure we allied this raid... Didn't we?

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    • @Ktilqr : you are always welcome in team V ... i just meant that you have to take into account that the shared points fluctuate a lot depending on real life pressure of its members and wether they need to farm more resources or not

      I have an idea : lets try to get an evenly distributed team V : number of men = number of women ;-)

      (and not by scaring all the men away!!)

      Team V =

      - Vree Vighters

      - Velcoming everyone

      - Varming

      - Vun

      - Vacation

      - Vantastic! ;-)

      (sorry for hijacking this team C thread ;-))

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    • Typical1 wrote: @Ktilqr I was damn sure we allied this raid... Didn't we?

      Yes, you were one of the 3 www allies I had. I fully appreciate the level of points you share, you are always one of my best allies. This time it was over 500k that you gave me.

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    • Alright Lets do this! Who wants to ally?

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    • Going Team C. If I start getting login problems again I'll let my allies know through this thread. But except for a few periods where I couldn't connect for a few minutes I was ok in WBT. Got 2-3 spaces open for new allies.

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    • Add me to your allies Ktilqr. What is your IGN?

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    • Chrisy do you have a spot for me?

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    • wrote: Add me to your allies Ktilqr. What is your IGN?

      IGN chrisydcox

      Brett - you always get sent a request....

      Just a heads up - got a family do this weekend and travelling 400 miles by road tomorrow. I will log on when I have reception, but Scotland is mostly 2G, and I won't have wifi. Hopefully I have shared the target now, but I might not be able to give the totals. I'll try and post if/when I can

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    • In case I can't post later - if I can I'll update this.

      20 hours to go

      dimkask34 20938507 1265636

      brettkearns 6573598 393530

      BeenieSpooner 6182283 598608

      Freerider007 6132200 169980

      Doombringer 2823953 101736

      AttackerOfTexel2 2589572 228407

      Freerider is on trial for TeamC and I am happy to ally him for the Tower if he wishes as I've had less from my non-WWW allies in the past, even if he doesn't reach the target for Raid. It's still early and he could still make it.

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    • Thanks Ktilqr,

      Usually I always take a screen but this time I couldn't :( 

      I do think I reached Team C requirement at the end of the day (night) :)

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    • Running Team C as normal.

      Will send event ally request to all those WWW in my allies - but I won't risk losing my good non-WWW allies so the request won't hang around for ever. One of my non-WWW allies gave me over 1million points last raid. He actually beat dimkask34.

      Freerider, I'm willing to ally you again if you want.

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    • Anychance anyone can refer me for a team, I tried to join before but messed up lol

      So if any Team C can ally me so you can show shared points that would be great! I was 260th last event and dropped to 398 from shared points :( it hurts!

      Im UK based so timezones is what messed me up last time^^

      IGN falcon225s

      Please help me get some reliable allies

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    • @falcon I will ally with you. Just accept me. Anyone else let me know

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    • If anyone needs a trial run, send me an ally request and i will add you .. i am in team V .. but cant be trusted to farm for real ;-)

      I usually take screenshots about 7 hours before the end of the event, so you will have an idea of what you have shared

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    • Falcon, I'll need to clear out some allies but I can add you. I'm UK & I post ally scores about midnight UK - but I'm happy to support WWW whether they are team V or C. As a tip, I aim for day x 200k - 200k day 1, 400k day 2 (600k total) ....... It seems to work for me, I managed well over Team C requirement last raid. I run on natural replenishment.

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    • Heya :)

      Added @Brett ty! Add me in also Ktilqr would be great, I am in no doubt I would meet the req for Tier B but since I messed up last time and WWW now requires refferal I'd rather do it this way to kinda "prove" myself :) Even if im just planning to farm I ended up rank 2-3k

      I generally look to rank for the EP reward or things like the recent Helios Coins (I have my shiny M even if its unusable :p), but last tower I had some time and a ton of HB's so I wanted the experience of running for a L, unfortunatly only 1 of my allies does L runs so I ended 398, kinda showed me that I need at least reliable allies to ever run for a L again, bang went 500 Elixir 20 MD 17 HB's!!

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    • @Ktilqr I switched from sitting out to team V, so I will save a spot for you... if you still want of course:)

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    • Ty swinkel - you always give enough that I never regret allying with you.

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    • Hey Ktilqr,

      Are you still adding me? I have 1 Event Ally space left :)

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    • Ok - a few hours to go. I have my fingers crossed that I have got the 300k or will have by the time it closes but I may just fall short. If so please accept my apologies but I managed to pull very few elites so tended to get low points on the raid bosses.

      Freerider007 - shared points 927,726

      AkabaneJackal - shared 2,894,284

      ~Doombringer~ - shared 1,710,004

      Brettkearns - shared 1,402,214

      BeenieSpooner - shared 819,847

      AttackerofTexel2 - shared 238,760

      Craptastic16 - shared 3,647 (I hope that is because he has unclaimed rewards and not due to lack of effort)

      Thank you everyone and I hope those going for the Legendary are successful.

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    • Hey guys here are the point shared from Team B & C

      Skytourniquet ismailerpc 24894954 2156111
      pantanimal pantanimal 9723068 668286
      map5329 map5329 6190654 464024
      Ktilqr chrisydcox 4202396 316812
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    • I was on a bus, so I didn't really get to not everyone's points.  Just saw my own.  Points are lower than they should have been.  Was in Mexico for the last four days and didn't realize I don't get international 4G.  Could only play when I had wifi.  I feel bad, cause a few people really went hard this Raid, with over 2Mil shared.

      pantanimal - 830k

      map5329 - 515k

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    • Thanks for your help Ktilqr. Ally bonus do help :) And after last raid when I couldn't take a screen for you I made sure I did this time.

      Unfortunately I couldn't reach L zone in time so instead just had a blast killing stuff. 

      With 3 hours to go.

      Points Points shared
      Alocksley 18.326.118 1.548.551
      Hrqls 18.107.670 1.248.803
      Rlsf 15.834.534 1.211.832
      TinyMoba 15.042.546 1.008.314
      AJLock 11.991.997 1.062.157
      BeenieSpooner 9.544.058 856.666
      chrisydcox 3.891.909 291.870
      jonathanb02 1.163.764 115.797
      BioOz 41.022 3.445
      dimkask34 31.937 2.673
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    • Hey guys, I took a pic from my smurf to show points, I did go a bit mad and burn all my resources this run..

      Ended up with a L on main and smurf :o Thank to any here to allied me! Brettkearns sharing 1.6mil really helped ^^ 

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    • Woohoo! I might not have given you 300k swinkel, but at least deepimpulse says I beat it. This is one area where I did wonder as I'm usually one of the first to join an event. This can make it difficult to know whether I have given enough - even if I'm sure my score is high enough. I only ally some players after a few hours so they won't have got the benefit of my early points.

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    • It's all good Ktilqr :o) If you are a few k off it is not a problem either. But I'm just like you, I would like to make sure I reach the target anyway haha Thanks for allying me!

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    • If anyone wants to add me my IGN is Thecardq.

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    • I'm back! and I'm running team C this raid! Do add craptastic16 :)

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    • Sent an ally request to both of you.

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    • 46m points solo. Can someone tell me how much i shared? I've a feeling it should be 2-2.5m :) 

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    • Hi guys can I join team c :o

      IGN: tanjie29

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    • add me to team V

      recruitment alll on the go

      ign: Lightninghari

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    • Looking for a team for the next raid

      IGN: domdrake2010

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    • Will likely meet Team B sharing requirements, IGN is the same as here, anyone can add me.

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    • Hi guys.

      Applied in the recruitment thread. Would like to join Team C :)

      IGN = Wikia


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    • Add me to team c ign brettkearns

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    • 15 minutes left in event at time of writing

      Name                  Points            Shared      

      dimkask34          18,533,175    1,154,539  

      brettkearns         11,864,923    1,052,645  

      mikaelkertis        7,998,984      349,056     

      Lusitania101      4,352,667      313,855     

      falcon225s         3,360,607      310,675

      vbeaviz              2,617,121      215,263

      DarkLytnin         11,630           951

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    • woot! There is proof I made the min shared :)

      thanks Cardq

      PS: although it's written Luistania101, theCardq meant Lusitania101, hehehehe...

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    • Team c?

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    • A Blood Brother
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