• This is the recruiting thread for the Wicked Wiki Warriors.

    Our teams aren’t about how you've ranked. This is a team based on contributing at least a certain number of shared points during raids and towers


    • The WWW team is based around groups of trusted allies who are guaranteed to contribute a minimum number of shared points. ‘’There is no limitation on the number of players in each group.’’
    • Players can select their allies from the group however they desire. Players can coordinate with specific people if they choose or they could just send out a ton of invites and collect allies on a first come first serve basis.
    • Players will be listed based on the highest possible group that they have qualified for. They may run with this group or any group below. If you feel it will be difficult for you to reach the goal then it is much better for you to run with a lower team. You may choose to run with different groups for each event (I do this myself due to time commitments).
    • ’’Players will declare before each event which team they plan to ally with.’’ Please post your declaration in the Decleration Thread . You can also let a team captain or vice-captain know through chat, KIK, or in game message. Make sure to declare yourself for each event.
    • Players should change their in game icon before each event to the team you want to ally with. This will help everyone identify which allies they should choose.

    Shared Points Requirements (subject to change)

    • TEAM "A" - 5.000k+ Tower and 3.500k+ Raid
    • TEAM "B" – 400k+ Tower and 750k+ Raid
    • TEAM "C" – 250k+ Tower and 300k+ Raid
    • Team "D" - Closed down
    • TEAM "S" - This is a team going for legendries. If you want to chase the L then check out this thread,

    Joining the Team

    • Proof of ability is required to join a team. Please provide a screen shot of your own shared points. This can be obtained when you have allied your own alt. If you don't have an anlt you can ask an ally to take a screen for you. You can also ask a current member to ally with you so he/she can vouch for you.
    • Please state if you like to be be active for Raid, Tower or both.

    Team info and rules:

    1. Post your team declerations in the Decleration Thread
    2. The new format will allow players to choose as many or as few allies as they would like. Ideally we would like at least half of your allies to be from the team, preferably 7 or more..
    3. The shared point total is subject to change.
    4. Team members can move from team to team based on performance. If you meet the shared points total for the next highest team you will be promoted. Moving is not required. Please let a captain know if you do not wish to move up
    5. If you fail to meet a point requirement you will be either be removed from the team, demoted, or placed on probation depending on the circumstances. If you are placed on probation and fail a second time you will be removed from the team.
    6. Tower and Raid teams are independent of each other. You could be team A in one and team C in the other.
    7. If you know you will not be able to participate in an event DO NOT accept ally requests from team members. If possible please declare Team V or Sitting out on the decleration thread. Ideally you can change your in-game icon to the sitting out WWW logo (below) to let people know you are to be frozen out.
    8. Please try to make sure your in game icon matches the team you are planning to run with for the events. THANKS!


    The team member list can be found here…


    Big thanks to Frozenloki for creating the original images. We ask that all team members add the image for the team they plan to run with to their BB in game profile for each event so we can easily identify each other in game. Thanks!

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