• Looking to trade my familiars for cards in Marvel

    Have R1 Desna X 2 Evil Eye 11449 wisdom Narluce 12292 wisdom Artemisia 11819 Agi Lanvall 14745 Agi Odin 14635 Wis Andorra 12956 Str lvl 75 girffin mount I * 2 (when leveld and fused will beĀ %99) Nuadha 14261 Str Bunga 13511 Def Grendal 13775 Wis

    Bunch of pack r1's and two's I had planned on levelling mostly Longarm, Lillian, Esmerelda, Jeanee (all materials to makeĀ %99) Yulia's and Gregoir's

    P.S. lanvall and Odin have 10 crystalls in agi and wis respectively all other fams have 0 crystals so 500 can be added to stat

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    • I quit WoH long ago, but still have some cards. Let me know if you are interested

      Rarity Card Name Qty
      U Rare Black Widow+++ 1
      S Rare Nick Fury 2
      S Rare Tigra 2
      S Rare Hawkeye 1
      S Rare Punisher+ 1
      S Rare Nova+ 1
      S Rare Punisher 1
      S Rare Sabretooth 1
      S Rare Storm+ 1
      Rare Daredevil 1
      Rare Scarlet Witch 2
      Rare Nova 2
      Rare Invisible Woman 1
      Rare Jigsaw 3
      Rare War Machine 1
      Rare Morbius 3
      Rare Havok 2
      Rare Hawkeye 4
      Rare Beast 3
      Rare Mr. Fantatic 1
      Rare Doctor Octopus 2
      Rare Thor 1
      Rare Green Goblin 1
      Rare MODOK 1
      Rare Black Widow 1
      Rare Maria Hill 1
      Rare Moon Knight 3
      Rare Iron Monger 2
      Rare Kraven 2
      Rare X-23 2
      Rare Thing 2
      Rare TaskMaster 2
      Rare She-Hulk 2
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    • A Blood Brother
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