• I was wondering if I could get some advice from someone who has been through a few raid events. This is my first one (I started the game when the mongus raid event was on) and I had a question about the elites. I was wondering if it is more beneficial to PE the elite rares or to just fastrack evolve them with 4 Fams evolving them at max lvl for their 10% stat absorption.. For example. Right now, I have 4Dovin, Bounty Huntress. Would it be better if I were to PE them and be at a 3* PE epic and wait to be able to PE it, or should I evolve them to the 4* EP right now for the multiplier? The same goes with the daily challenge reward "Attis" You get one of him a day, so would it be more beneficial to evolve the first for to a 4* EP and then the next 4 to a 4* EP or would it be more beneficial to the event to PE Attis?

    Thanks for your help on this, I am just making sure that I do things the best way for maximum results.

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    • Nope, I just ghettod( not use 10% evo ).

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    • Ghettodd the bobos but I am using 8x1 for attis

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    • Same as BLF. I ghetto'd the Bobos because they won't be worth anything after the event and the 5X multiplier is more important than PE. I will go for the PE of Attis because he's got higher resale value after then event. Dovin, I'm currently using 2 and leveling them to do a PE 2*, but you can ghetto those too because the single shot proc is crap anywhere but this event. It's not like you're going to be able to re-use her for another SRB event for the multiplier.

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    • IDK guys, for all the walking you have to do in this event and the length of the event, I would make the arguement its better to PE, even Babo.

      For example I have PE 3* and pact 3* Babo, with multiplier:

      Name Level Notes
      Babo the Cruel Lvl 52 17893/17566/14508/12266/15514
      Babo the Cruel Lvl 51 20603/20245/16720/14129/17866

      NPE: 17566 * 3 = 52698

      PE: 20245 * 3 = 60725

      And seeing as how they get 3x the exp, its EASY to PE them. If you can, I would strongly make the case its better to PE them.

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    • Naah, I honestly cant see the need, you wasted good time instead of ghettoing them, to find them useless afterwards

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    • LOL. Hardly good time, they reach max lvl in like 15 battles

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    • I'll post stats when maxed

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    • I am PEing the BoBos because they are super easy and quick to BitTit says, they max in 15 battles...and I have a bunch of them...if I ghettoed them, I would probably have more than I could fit in my walk through, and I have 4 BoBo1* to max...The resale isn't something I am too awefully worried about (although I may consider Attis being a good PE resale) really is just about the max damage possible for during the event. I am currently sitting at rank 1400 and I want to try to keep it under 2700 or POSSIBLY under 1300 which I think would be much more beneficial than savoring a couple Fams for Resale as Behe looks pretty awesome.

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    • Dang it!! That last post was logged me out again

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    • Based on those stats and an unbuffed All-out, you're losing about 40K damage. I'm not losing any sleep over that, but then again I also don't OPE400 any of my fams or invest obscene amounts of time (or money) in the game. So it's not worthwhile for me to spend time leveling them, even if it's a short period of time.

      TL;DR? If you obsess about getting the max out, obviously put the max in.

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    • A Blood Brother
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