A coin forged from a Keystone Shard and a Magic Shard.


A combination of both shards forming a coin that resembles the moon and the sun.


Three coins are rewarded for clearing the top floor of the Knight's Tower in Special Dungeon Events. Two coins are rewarded for clearing the "Vault of Trials".


During Special Dungeons 11, it was used to forge a Tower Pact at the Cemetery. As of Special Dungeons 12, it was instead used to gain entry to the Vault of Trials.


  • Tower Coins were first introduced in the Special Dungeons 11 event.
  • They could be obtained by exchanging a Keystone Shard and a Magic Shard at the Tower Coin Exchange (Info -> Special Dungeons).
  • Tower Coins can also be obtained through completing Level 10 of the Knight's Tower during the Special Dungeon events. Tower Coins can not be saved for future Special Dungeon events.

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