Treasure Grotto is a mini-event part of Golconda Hoard Pact.

Using Pickaxes obtained from forging Golconda Hoard Pact, players can enter the Treasure Grotto and get various familiars and items.

How to play

  1. Forge Golconda Hoard Pacts to get Pickaxes.
  2. Use 10 Pickaxes to explore the Treasure Grotto each time. The number of steps Gina takes is randomized from 1 to 3 steps.
  3. Get the gift Gina lands on!


Tile Treasure
Treasure Grotto Ker, the Despair Diamond
Reach this step and get 1

Ker, the Cursed Diamond Figure Ker, the Cursed Diamond !

Treasure Grotto EP above
Familiars of rarity EP and above!

You can get the following familiars from this step:

Leupold, Wyvern Knight II, Gryla, the Lullaby, Goliath, Heavy Knight, Skoll, Dark Wolf or Urhamsi
Treasure Grotto EP
Familiars of rarity EP!
Treasure Grotto R above
Familiars of rarity R and above!

You can get the following familiars from this step:

Cadmoth, Dragonslayer II, Selkie, Merseal, Hoska, Ballista Soldier, Moni the Cleaner, Urhamsi, Hash, Lizardman Cannoneer or Leupold, Wyvern Knight II
Treasure Grotto 5 Gjallarhorn
You recieve 5x Gjallarhorn Gjallarhorn
Treasure Grotto 5 Mandrakes
You recieve 5x Mandrake Mandrake
Treasure Grotto 3 Heartsblood
You recieve 3x Heartsblood Heartsblood
Treasure Grotto 10 Bugles
You recieve 10x Bugle Bugle
Gold Rush Buglex1 You recieve 1x Bugle Bugle

Login Bonus

During the Event, the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Day Bonus June 4th, 2015 till June 26th, 2015
Day 1 Pickaxes x9
Treasure Grotto June 2015 Login
Day 2 Bugles x2
Day 3 Elixirs x5
Day 4 Mandrake Leaf
Day 5 Elixirs x5
Day 6 Heartsblood (Bloodbound)

Other Images

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